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What to Bring Camping – Essential Guide

You need a lot of time and money to do it, which is why, ironically camping has become quite the luxury. Gear up for a summer of fun outdoor activities with these camping gadgets that are as stylish as they are useful.

Zippo???s 1941 Replica hand satin sterling silver lighter

Bring luxury to the campground with Zippo’s 1941 Replica hand satin sterling silver lighter. The sleek James Bond-worthy design comes in a black velour hinged box has a lifetime guarantee. $192

Alter Ego Personal water Filtration Duo Bottle

For clean water wherever you are, bring along the ultra sleek Alter Ego Personal Water Filtration Duo bottle from Canadian company Aquaovo. If you’re camping in the Northern Hemisphere, choose the Outdoor water filter cartridge, which cleans water up to 99.99 percent. For travel further abroad where the water is even more questionable, go for the Globetrotter water filter which cleans up to 99.9999 percent. $60

Voyage-Air, the world???s first travel-friendly guitar

Voyage-Air, the world’s first travel-friendly guitar, was featured on Dragon’s Den and is proof that the best ideas are the simplest. The handle folds over the body, making it easy to pack and carry to the beach, camping, the park or on a long backpacking trip.

Sierra???s aptly named Mojo UFO tent

Sierra’s aptly named Mojo UFO tent is made with the indestructible space-age material Cuben Fiber and weighs a miniscule 1lb, 11oz. It also folds into a sleek envelope for maximum portability. $1,799.95

Philips Wireless Portable Speaker

Turn your campsite into party central with Philips Wireless Portable Speaker. It has all the high tech elements you’d expect of a high quality sound system, including Bluetooth steaming, but its design is tough enough to withstand the rough and tumble camping experience. $180

 BioLite Camp Stove

Perfect for the eco-conscious, the BioLite Camp Stove does away with heavy propane tanks — it converts the heat of a fire into electricity. A small internal fan and fuel chamber convert the fire’s heat into electricity to charge a lithium battery for cooking and charging electronic devices. $129

 The Handpresso portable espresso machine

The Handpresso portable espresso machine gives new meaning to the expression ‘coffee to go.’ Take the device, along with your cup, in the car, the subway or the campground for top-quality pressed espresso wherever you are. $99

Bootlegger Modular Backpack

If you’re planning on doing day hikes from your camping site, the three-in-one Bootlegger Modular Backpack is ideal. It can be converted into three packs of different sizes: The smallest Torpedo is perfect for bike rides and day trips. You can use the largest, called the Scrimshaw, as your main pack on wilderness trips. The midsize Hopper can be used as a day bag. $190

Mini M

Watch out for luxury camera manufacturer Leica’s latest design called the Mini M, available June 11th, 2013.

Hunter Pro, Swiss Army???s

You will also love the Hunter Pro, Swiss Army’s modern take on the company’s classic pocket knife. With a folding stainless steel blade and ergonomic grip design, the knife easily flips open with one hand.