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Acoma Pueblo: Native American Culture

The weight of a thousand blue skies seems to press against the rocky thigh of New Mexico as you make your way across the seemingly unforgiving landscape heading towards Acoma Pueblo. There is something about the deep roots of dark history, the turquoise and gold glint from the air and the knowledge that there is nothing around for miles but the fine grains of the desert and a monstrous casino glimmering lonely on the horizon.

Acoma Pueblo

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/ScottCatron

This is the traditional foothold of the native Acoma people and gives you the chance to step inside the footprints of a culture that seemed to drift away in the breeze of history and are only now regaining something of a foothold once more.

Acoma Pueblo is otherwise known as the Sky City and gazing up at the mesa that seems to sit hundreds of feet in the air, with its hand carved stairwells cut into rock, its commanding views across the sun glazed desert plains and its thirsty trees with their spindly branches sitting prettily in the courtyards.

Acoma Pueblo 1

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/NRCSNM

This seems to be a land that time has forgotten, a place where the dust of pottery catches in your throat and the scent of green chili pork stew and corn bread wafts through the air. Inside the cultural museum you can witness the geometric delights of the hand-crafted pottery that spans back over a thousand years in history, you can learn about the local customs and the stories that are intrinsically woven within the desert landscape and the myths that seem to match the magic.

Acoma Pueblo 2

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/NRCSNM

Wandering around the 12th century village, climbing the propped ladders to access the rooftops and simply basking in the parched sun and the mythology that seems to seep through every shadow cast by the sun is a humbling experience. The local café also offers a perfect place to sit in the cooling shade, sipping a peach iced tea, eating tacos and listening to the tales about the people of the white rock.

Acoma Pueblo 4

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/SakeebSabakka

Top Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/MarshallHenrie