How I retraced my roots at Villa Caemilla

Our room was just a couple of feet away from the beach front, a pleasant treat for us who wanted to have easy access to the sea and wade through the turquoise blue waters in an instant. Fine cotton linen and an array of luxurious pillows created the first delightful impressions upon entering our room, with local fruits and flowers laid out on the dining table in the center of a vast living room.

Why You Should Sleep Under The Stars in Boracay

Surrounded by a lush garden, slender green bamboo stalks are planted at the entrance and in every corner, tended by the private butler who is at service for all who have the chance to stay at this luxury abode.

Why heritage is all in the details at Hotel Felicidad

Owned by Jose “Bonito” Singson, Hotel Felicidad is a blissful haven that is highly recommended to be visited by a majority of the Ilocanos, the people from Ilocos Region, who are proud of its history and presence.

How to be Swept Away by the Crimson Resort and Spa

The tiled path going to the Ocean Villa was lined with fragrant monoi flowers or kalachuchi as they are known locally. The delicate scent followed our tracks as we reached the big wooden door of the villa that resembled a mini Balinese temple amidst swaying bamboo stalks.

A feeling of heaven in my heart at the Amanpulo

Tiny dots that appear to be little islands scatter the vast blue sea, as we look from our chartered Dornier 2283 aircraft that left a very busy and gray Manila. We were on our way to paradise, to the island destination called Amanpulo, located in Pamalican Island in the heart of the Philippine archipelago.

Papua New Guinea: Nature and Culture

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Cliff Diving Boracay: White Sands in Philippines

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Himalayan Peaks: Mother Nature’s Magic

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Diving Koh Tao: A Thai Adventure

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Thailand Adventure: Ko Phi Phi

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Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya

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Ananda Spa, India: Bliss in the Himalayas – Pt 2

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