Welcome to Hotel Thoumieux

If you believe the saying ‘the Devil’s in the detail’ then you’ll most likely find Hotel Thoumieux devilishly good. No expense has been spared adding the luxurious touches to the luxury boutique in Paris.

Chateau Saint-Martin: Luxe French Retreat

The ivy strewn fairy tale splendor of Le Chateau Saint-Martin is a dream honeymoon destination for those seeking spa bliss in the heart of Provence

Le Coupe-Chou Paris: Fine dining

When it comes to food Paris does it the best especially at Le-Coupe-Chou with its crumbling charm, delectable foir gras and true French charm

Eguisheim Alsace: Wine Route Guide

Hailed as the quintessential village on the Alsace Wine Route, Eguisheim is a dream for those who love to sip wine and stroll the 13th century streets

Best Macarons in Paris: Pierre Hermé

Decadently indulgent and delightfully French, the small sugary treats from Pierre Hermé are taking the streets of Paris by storm with their creative touch

Superyacht Destinations for Wining and Dining

Mouthwatering, mesmerizing and abundant in the finest flavors – for the culinary connoisseur there can be no better way to explore the world of taste then on a superyacht charter….

A Vista of Redtop Roofs and Mountain Views in Bidart, Basque Country

Caught between the Pyrenees Mountains and the crashing Atlantic surf, the quaint village of Bidart captures the spirit of Basque with beaches, food and fun

Top 7 Luxury Hotels in Paris for a Weekend Getaway

From the banks of the Seine to the bright lights of the Champs Elysee’s, take a peek at the prettiest and most exquisite luxury hotels in Paris.

Citizen M Paris – Affordable Luxury for All

Changing the face of airport hotels, Citizen M Paris takes affordable luxury to the next level with futuristic fun, stylish pizzazz and sink down soft beds.

Luxury Literary Adventures in Paris

From Hemmingways movable feast to lipstick kisses at Pere Lachaise, Paris is a treasure trove for literature lovers who like to dabble in the finer things.

Bordeaux – The Journey Continues

Glistening oysters, white wine and sun glazed sand dunes, take a dip into the coastal charm of beautiful Bordeaux with inspiring luxury holiday ideas.

Between Sips – Finding Perspective Beyond Bordeaux

Life beyond the vines with luscious estates, swirling sommeliers and 18th century splendor on a luxury stay in beautiful Bordeaux.

Top 10 Indulgences When In Paris

From shopping on the Champs Elysee’s to meandering in the Jardin du Luxembourg, these indulgences when in Paris will leave you doused in the city of light.

Dining in Cannes during the Film Festival

Rub shoulders with the stars when dining in Cannes, from hearty French fun to truffle hunting, these eateries are la creme de la creme for sheer class.