Finding my Happy Place in Nicaragua with ChicaBrava

ChicaBrava review: It’s five am and I’m shivering out behind the backline, watching the green waves peel into a thunder of white water. The sun is casting her first glance across…

Where Is Paradise On Earth: Moorea, Tahiti

Rising peaks, black pearls and lashings of barefoot luxury make Moorea a perfect playground for soaking up the divine pleasures of French Polynesia

Papua New Guinea: Nature and Culture

Intrepid travelers seeking something far from the easy going shores of the Caribbean or the comforts of modern Europe can embark on the ultimate pristine beach break to the wilderness…

Cliff Diving Boracay: White Sands in Philippines

Beautiful Boracay is the poster child of the Philippines with her honeymoon bungalows, baby blue waters and five star service tempting you at every turn

Bora Bora Activities: Snorkeling and Hibiscus

Discover paradise untapped on the sweet blossoming shores of Bora Bora, sleep in an overwater bungalow, wade in the waters and fall in love with luxury

Taketomi Island: White Sand Beaches, Japan

Leave cliched beach holidays behind and step into something rare and untouched with a stay on Taketomi Island; ride water buffalo, learn to breathe and swim

Kauai Hawaii: Luscious Trails and Luaus

The emerald island of Hawaii tears you open ensuring that every inch of your body, mind and soul is ready to embrace life. The botanical gardens seem to brim with…

ABC Islands: Blue Cocktails in Curacao

Despite being the larger of the ABC islands, Curacao hasn’t lost its charm, the pastel-painted buildings crammed along the waterfront, the ocean breeze lifting everyone’s spirits and the blue infused…

Harbin Ice Festival: Snowy View of China

Every year thousands brave the nerve searing temperatures, the winds and the bright blue cold to flock and see the famous Harbin Ice festival in China. Whilst summers in China…

Visit Costa Rica: Rare Experiences

From starlit hikes to watch volcanoes flow to rappelling down silver veiled waterfalls, experiences in Costa Rica are perfect for adventure travel

Ilha Grande: Verdant Natural Escape

An intriguing history kept the tourists at bay from Ilha Grande, yet long after the pirates, the lepers and the criminals left there was nothing but sweeping dark gold sands,…

Mount Parnassus: Visit the Delphi Oracle

Many made the dawn light trek up the mountainside of Mount Parnassus, bathed in the first rays of Zeus. Crushing wildflowers underfoot and clinging to crumbling rocks as the path…

Himalayan Peaks: Mother Nature’s Magic

Dramatic, imposing and nothing short of majestic – the Himalayan peaks are one of Mother Nature’s most impressive feats. These are mountains beyond mountains, these are peaks that cut like…

Visit Georgetown: Washington DC

Luxury breaks to Georgetown, Washington DC are perfect for exploring the Smithsonian institutes, upscale American dining and high fashion shopping

Diving Koh Tao: A Thai Adventure

For laid back party spirits, serious blue water diving and cold beers beneath a fiery sunset nothing can beat the magic and mayhem of Ko Tao

Portmeirion Wales: Italian and Welsh Wonder

One of the prettiest villages in the UK, Portmeirion blends Italian inspired charm with the natural wonders of Wales making it perfect for a luxury break

The Pride of Africa Train: Rovos Rails

Savouring the delights of the African continent is never more delightful than whilst on board the most luxurious train in the world.

Tetiaroa Island, Tahiti: Kings and Cocktails

Seeking a beach break with royal splendor is all too simple when you head for the South Pacific jewel of Tetiaroa Island. This dazzling island of sheer blue was once…

Mexican Festival: Dia De Los Muertos

Sugar crush skulls, dancing in the streets and otherworldly celebrations marks the calendar for the most famous Mexican festival  – Dia de los Muertos. Image Courtesy: Raising a glass of…

Luxury Interactive in London

At Luxe in a City we love any excuse to rave about the big smoke and  this fall there is a fabulous high class affair in the heart of the…