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Cliff Diving Boracay: White Sands in Philippines

The pint sized yet perfect island of Boracay is quickly becoming the poster child for the beauty of the Philippines and is consistently hitting the top spot when it comes to being one of the most dazzling islands in the world. With its peachy powder stretch of sand, its palm tree fringes and its shades of blue in every gradient it’s not hard to fall hard for this enviable patch on earth. With the blossom fresh White Beach as its center piece you can celebrate the feel of sugar beneath your feet, you can run headfirst into the diamond and sapphire waters and you can snooze in the midday sun beneath the cooling fingers of shadows cast by the plush green trees.

Cliff Diving Boracay Philippines

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/AngeloJuanRamos

Since being crowned the champion of dreamy paradise isles you will be hard pressed to find a secret cove to call your own, yet Boracay flourishes with a new charm, one where rainbow colored parasails flood the sky, romantic outriggers graze across the waters and lovers entwine hands as they wander doe eyed down the shore. At night the beach burns brightly with fire, the stars tumble from the sky and the music sheds its skin beneath a pebble like moon. No longer is Boracay a sleepy nook of South East Asia but a strong draw for those seeking a microcosm of pristine beauty, genuine warmth and a generous dollop of partying to ignite their spirits.

Cliff Diving Boracay Philippines 1

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/JohnO’Nolan

For a tiny island Boracay truly has it all, you can enjoy the sense of being disconnected without having to make do with tired island supplies. Food and drink abound at every corner, accommodation is plentiful and there is even a golf course for those who want to spend afternoons teeing off with world class views. Watersports are always high on the list of things to do and you can take your pick from everything from kite surfing to scuba diving. Those who want to kick their bucket list in Boracay should head for the shores of Magic Island where you can try cliff diving Boracays‘s cliffs, perched at dizzying heights into the soft embrace of the sea.

Cliff Diving Boracay Philippines 2

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/VilsonV.Venezuela