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Dar Layyina – Royal Treatment With Oh-So-Delicious Foods

A personal review from Roxanne Genier’s  stay at Dar Layyina.

The arrival – Dar Layyina

Some travel experience stays with you forever, and my short weekend stay at Dar Layyina, a luxury boutique hotel near Marrakesh, has solidified my desire to explore Morocco for years to come.

Some travel experience stays with you forever, and my short weekend stay at Dar Layyina near Marrakesh has solidified my desire to explore Morocco for years to come.

I have traveled a lot; some people say that if I am not traveling something is wrong with me. Over the last 16 years I have visited over 69 countries, but if you ask me how many times I have crossed an international border between those countries, the number is probably well over five hundred. I am a nomad, and has a nomad; Morocco has been calling me for years.


I hadn’t planned to visit Morocco this year, but when Catherine Woreczek the owner of Dar Layyina reached out to me asking to review her property in Marrakesh, my heart and soul told me that I should take this offer. Catherine’s invitation also came at a time when I needed a weekend of peace and serenity after a period of intense stress.




The villa – Dar Layyina

Dar Layyina is one of those luxury boutique hotel that offers everything – perfect setting, soothing ambiance, comfortable amenities, charming hosts, and oh-so-divine foods. However, what I will remember most is a feeling of peace – I could easily call Dar Layyina home. As nomads, Tommy (my boyfriend) and I often rent rooms or villas for several weeks/months at a time. In fact, we have been on the road, with no fixed home, for over two and a half years now. Our travels have brought us from North America to Central America, from the Middle East to Europe, but after spending a weekend at Dar Layyina, Morocco seems to be on our mind. We have already discussed coming back to Dar Layyina for a longer stay.

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The staff – Dar Layyina

As an experienced traveler, there are a few things that I value most when I stay at a hotel, and Dar Layyina fulfilled all my needs. First, the staff was extremely helpful and courteous but most importantly, they didn’t invade my private space. Often when I stay at a luxury hotel/villa, I feel like the staff is simply too eager to please, making me feel uncomfortable. Together, Said, Aicha, Loubna, Aicha and Yousself were the perfect hosts. Discreet yet always available, helpful without imposing anything on us, warm and very hospitable.


The style – Dar Layyina

Second, a luxury hotel/villa needs to have a je-ne-sais-quoi. Dar Layyina does. This luxury hotel mixes old Moroccan charm with a modern twist. The hotel ground offers gardens and pools that invite a day of pure relaxation. The art pieces and books scattered throughout the property encourages you to learn more about Moroccan history and culture. The smells of exotic spices that come out of Aicha’s cuisine are heavenly. The bedrooms and suites are perfectly curated for a luxurious stay.

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The food – Dar Layyina

Finally, a luxury boutique hotel should offer foods to remember. Dar Layyina’s chef, Aicha, is in a league of her own. I have eaten aboard superyachts for over five years while I worked as crew, stayed in hundreds of hotels, eating in thousands of restaurants, including several one and two stars Michelin restaurants, but the fact remains that Aicha’s chicken and lamb will be forever engraved in my mind. I never liked lamb before tasting Aicha’s lamb tajine; this is how good her cuisine is. As a matter of fact, even if I had a terrible experience at Dar Layyina, I would return just to taste Aicha’s tajine’s once more. Sounds crazy? I know, but it’s worth a flight.

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The routine – Dar Layyina

How can you spend your days at Dar Layyina?

  • Start with an opulent breakfast of homemade goodies;
  • Lounge on a poolside bed as you read a good summer read;
  • Drink delicious mint tea until your heart is content;
  • Take a dip in the heated pool while you contemplate how beautiful life can be;
  • Share a Hamman experience and a couple’s massage after playing a round of tennis;
  • Salivate over Aicha’s chicken or lamb tajine;
  • Watch a funny movie and enjoy a good cuddle;
  • Enjoy a long bath while looking up at the millions of stars above your head;
  • Have a life-changing conversation with the person you love the most;
  • Share a perfect night sleep, leaving all your worries behind.


Dar Layyina is a luxury boutique hotel in Marrakesh located on the road to Ouarzazate. It is situated close to several golfs (Amelkis, Al Maaden, Royal Golf) and within a 15-minute drive to Marrakesh’s souks.

For bookings or inquiries, visit www.darlayyina.com.

Disclosure: Dar Layyina offered us a three-night stay and one complimentary dinner. We paid for our flights, a Hamman and couple’s massage experience, one dinner and a few extra snacks. We plan to return to Dar Layyina and pay for our entire experience.