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Planning a Fabulous Family Reunion on your Superyacht Charter

One of the major pleasures of a luxury yacht charter is the versatility they offer – they can be romantic floating wonderlands for two, serious party playgrounds for the young and restless, and fun fueled drifting villas for families who want to get together. Having a family reunion onboard a luxury yacht can truly provide you with everything you ever dreamed off. Unlike hotels you don’t have to share a single second of your space, unlike private villas you can sail from place to place, and unlike home this is a world that comes without a single second of stress. MY Starfire offers an idyllic paradise for those who want to invite all their closest loved ones onto deck, to drop anchor at glorious destinations, and to offer a ton of entertainment options for young and old alike. With an onboard cinema, a private spa, a personal chef, and the ocean as your own backyard – this could be the family reunion you have been waiting for.

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Consider the Crowd

The number one rule of planning any event all starts with jotting down the numbers so you can pick the perfect venue. Those with a family of five are going to have very different needs compared to those with a family of fifty and you want to make sure you choose the right luxury yacht to deliver ample space for all. Cramming your whole family into a cozy space isn’t going to be ideal so you need to make sure that you select a yacht that has several cabins to comfortably sleep your guests along with lashings of outdoor deck space for those glorious sunset soirees or afternoon cocktail sessions that are sure to happen. Not only should you consider choosing the right sized yacht but you also need to consider the size of the crew. You want to ensure that each and every member of your family is perfectly taken care off and for this you need a crew and captain that can comfortably handle the number of guests you wish to invite onboard.

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Select the Best Destination

When you throw a family reunion on a luxury yacht charter you have the freedom to drop anchor wherever inspires your fancy. Yet before you blindly point to somewhere on a map you need to ensure it’s the best location for your nearest and dearest. Seasonality plays a major factor when choosing a dream destination as you don’t want everyone shivering and unable to splash in the water because you chose Italy in early spring. If you are seeking soft and balmy weather, then the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands make excellent location choices. If you think your family will love food, wine and culture than Europe in the summer months is another perfect bet. Those who are bringing children along for the ride should also make sure to select fun soaked destinations teeming with watersports and plenty of kid friendly adventures. MY Starfire has a ton of toys and tenders onboard so the whole family can try their hand at waterskiing, kayaking, tubing and more.

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Plan with the Captain

When planning a super yacht event, the captain is an invaluable source of information. Discussing your needs with the captain not only ensures that the super yacht is well stocked with plenty of fine food, top shelf spirits, beautiful bedding, and attentive staff – but also helps you to get a little inside knowledge on the best places to explore. Remember a good captain will know all the most famous destinations like the back of their hand and they will know where to find that secluded stretch of shore for your lobster and rum barbeque, the most prestigious wineries and farmers markets to hit up in Europe, and which spots of Belize and the BVI are the clearest for cool and colorful underwater snorkeling. Keeping the captain informed is the very best way of planning a family reunion that is nothing but plain sailing.

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Make the Most of your Surroundings

Many luxury yacht charters like MY Starfire boast impeccable amenities meaning that time onboard can be equally or even more amazing than stepping onshore. The children will adore watching their favorite movies on the big screen beneath the stars, dive bombing from the swim deck into the lazy shades of blue, and racing the jet skis along the waters that fringe the pirate shores. Adults will find their own bliss with an afternoon of perfect pampering at the onboard spa, sampling the finest rums and cognacs money can buy, and dining on freshly prepared chef specials paired with perfect wines. Those who want to go one step further can throw wonderful parties on deck, even inviting a live band to add a little oomph to your perfect family reunion.