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Luxury Boutique Hotel Chatwal

Just a few steps away from the buzz of Times Square, the Hotel Chatwal is homed in an historic building that in 1905 became the home to the ‘Lambs Club’. For those who don’t know the Lambs Club is America’s oldest theatrical organisation, so as you can imagine this spot in the midst of the theatre district would have been a perfect location for actors to socialise. In a process that is unlucky for the lambs but lucky for all of the visitors to the Hotel Chatwal, they moved on.

Hotel Chatwal - Luxe In A City

In its current form though it is an experience of grandeur from beginning to end. Upon arrival your bags will be swept away as if by magic, and by the time you check in have appeared in your room, carefully placed, coats hung. After having experience on superyachts, I can’t help but use it as a benchmark for luxury. The six star standard of service you’ll find on the sea is rarely met in hotels, no matter their star ratings, but the Hotel Chatwal is up there. There are services to cater for every whim you could possibly imagine, in house butlers to call upon for their expertise, and a knowledgeable concierge to ensure your stay is without a hiccup.

Hotel Chatwal - Luxe In A City

Not only are the staff and services top notch, but the facilities too. Unexpectedly modern touches such as the room controls, featuring a privacy button rather than a simple, old fashioned Do Not Disturb sign. The telephone touchscreen to summons your butler (amongst other things), a television behind the bathroom mirror so that you may catch up on the news while you shower, or watch a movie in the bath, and even the toilet is hi-tech (I’ll leave that one with you). All of these details were impressively thought out, and it’s clear a lot of care has gone into hand picking what goes into the different rooms and suites that the Hotel Chatwal has available. From Junior Suites with writing desks that lift to reveal mirrors and plugs, to the ‘art deco outdoor oasis’ of the Chatwal Suite, which features over 500sq ft of outdoor space.

Hotel Chatwal - Luxe In A City

The rather impressive minibar should really be re-named, with a cocktail set, recipes and full size bottles available you really wont need to leave your room. I’m sure if you ask nicely your butler will happily come to make a cocktail for you! Although the devil is in the detail there is no denying that the terraces and rooftop of the hotel are really quite impressive. It’s uncommon to have outdoor space in Midtown, and to get the feeling of being just above the chaos of Manhattan in your own personal paradise is unrivalled. I highly recommend having breakfast served out there, after a dip in the salt water lap pool, to start your morning off right.


Ensure on your visit you take the time to relax in the intimate setting of Hotel Chatwal’s Red Door Spa, featuring a well equipped fitness centre, jacuzzi, the saltwater pool, a full spa service menu and relaxation lounge, where of course ‘spa aperitifs’ are on offer.