L’Albergo Della Regina Isabella – Ischia’s Little Treasure

L’Albergo Della Regina Isabella is a luxury boutique hotel on the stunning island of Ischia on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. This is our honest review.

Ananda Spa, India: Bliss in the Himalayas – Pt 2

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Turkish Hamam: Bewitching Experience

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Ananda SPA, India: Bliss in the Himalayas – Pt 1

An uneventful flight, on a glorious June morning, took us to the cutesy Jolly Grant Airport, the nearest one to the destination spa we were headed to. Greeted by a…

Bloom Forest Spa – Idyllic Indulgence

Allow your body the luxury of pampering treatments as you listen to the trees and birds in the surrounding forest. Sooth away all tension as your body and soul find their balance once more.

Discover an Urban Oasis at the Away Spa Montreal

There’s time to rest and play with a luxury escape to the Away Spa Montreal with its ritual massages from across the globe and zen like charm.

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Seven Colours Spa – Pure Indulgence in Mauritius

Tropical gardens, bubble beds and balance with Tai Chi and Yoga are all part of the luxury experiences at the Seven Colours Spa on the shores of Mauritius

Botanical Bliss at the Best Spas in the Turks and Caicos

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Balnea Spa Montreal – A Quest for Spirituality

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Thailand – Indulge in a Traditional Thai Massage

Seek ancient wisdom and unbridled healing with a traditional Thai massage to complement your luxury vacation on the sweet shores of Thailand

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Lovely Lush Spa in the Heart of Liverpool

Sublime sensory treatments with a truly nurturing style can be found at the Lush Spa in Liverpool where you can drift down the river of your imagination

Drift Away in Unbridled Luxury on the Bota Bota, Montreal

Experience sheer luxury on the shoes of the St Laurent River with the floating spa, Bota Bota, Montreal with live music massages and Nordic baths.

Tabacon Hot Springs – Redefined the Spa Experience

Volcanoes, misty waterfalls and lush jungle provide the mise-en-scene for secret escapes and connecting with Mother Nature at the Tabacon Spa in Costa Rica

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Tatcha Travel Kit – Luxurious Skincare on the Go

Tatcha skincare brings the glow of luxury no matter where you are, from the cramped streets of Delhi to the blissful blue of the Bahamas.