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Travel to Africa: Exciting Experiences

Africa is a vast continent with a wide array of exciting experiences for travelers. Luxury travel to Africa is rewarding and packed with pleasure, so plan what to do in Africa in order to get the most out of your every moment there.

Travel to Africa Exiting Experiences

Begin with some modern, urban culture in Johannesburg – one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. With a blending of European and African cultures, it is a city of fascinating contrasts that enchants travelers with its impressive architecture, unique cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

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Casablanca is also an essential stopping point for anyone planning luxury travel in Africa and looking to discover the country’s true scenic beauty. With stunning beaches, some of the world’s most intricately constructed mosques and a thriving cosmopolitan centre, Casablanca really does seem to have it all. Islamic and Jewish architecture come together to provide a fascinating landscape in this Moroccan city, interspersed with lively markets and some fabulous food options.

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For more coastal beauty, as well as the winding presence of the Nile, Cairo is an essential part of what to do in Africa. The city is packed with stunning features just waiting to be discovered, from modern, gourmet restaurants that float on the river to spectacular urban views. Travelers can take in the ancient wonder of the pyramids close to Cairo, as almost all of them are located within close proximity to the city.

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Finally, no tour of Africa would be complete without an extended stay in Cape Town. From the natural beauty of Table Mountain and Cape Point to the spectacular sandy beaches, Cape Town has something to offer even the most demanding of luxury travelers. A melting pot of different cultures, Cape Town offers vibrant and lively diversions, as well as the unique opportunity to dive into two oceans as the waters of the Indian and Atlantic merge.

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