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Travel to South America in Luxury

On a travel to South America, it can be a tricky decision where to go due to the huge variety of attractions and experiences on offer. Luxury travel in South America will include some of the world’s most stunning beaches, dramatic scenery, and vibrant atmospheres.

Travel to South America

Brazil is a wonderful introduction to the beauty and pace of South America. From the frenetic pace of Carnival to the ultimate relaxation to be found on its beaches, it sums up perfectly the eclectic mixture that makes up South America. Be sure to spend a few days exploring Rio de Janeiro and its fascinating architecture, as well as the countless other cities (such as the charming Sao Paulo) that Brazil has to offer.

Travel to South America 1

Ensure you take in Panama City while in South America to appreciate the vibrancy and dynamism of this modern metropolis, which is essential viewing as part of any luxury travel in South America.

Travel to South America 2

The glimmering modernity of Santiago de Chile is also a key stopping point, including sampling the countless delicious local wines – be sure to allow for several days there if you plan to try them all!

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When finalizing your itinerary of what to do in South America, allow plentiful time for exploring Peru. In particular, dedicate time and energy to the capital city of Lima. Seemingly untouched by the modern world, Lima captivates travelers with its ancient charm, from the dreamy mist that settles over the city to the ancient ruins that cannot help but fascinate all those who visit them.

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South America is a fabulous place to explore local, flavorful cuisines and varied spice palettes, so be sure to spend plenty of time eating and drinking in each country that you visit in order to truly enjoy the best that South America has to offer.