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Valley of the Kings: Egypt

Massive sandstone cliffs soar beneath a brilliant blue sky, its golden arms gripping the sacred Valley of the Kings Egypt. The deep tombs intricate in their designs, adorned with carved artworks dating back thousands upon thousands of years. Egypt is a place cloaked in equal measures of chaos and culture, and this is a place where the mysteries of the ancient world comes to life, the grandeur weighing down on your shoulders with each step you take.

Valley of the Kings Egypt

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/zolakoma

In this sprawling valley the remains of almost a hundred pharaohs have been laid to rest including King Tut and Ramses. Some of the tombs are sparse in their simplicity whilst others lean heavily on the lavish, providing an opulent final bed for the great leaders of the past. Gliding down one of the world’s greatest rivers will take you to the heart of the valley, past lush greens and everlasting sugar canes before a long dusty climb through the arid heat leads you to the sweeping valley. This is the place to unravel the secrets of the past, to run your fingers over the engravings of animals, gods and men and to understand one of the great races that formed the pillars of our civilization.

Valley of the Kings Egypt 1

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/Hajor

Along the road feeling the sun drench your skin you will see hawkers selling their wares to tourists along the dusty track. Stopping for a quenching cold drink, you are certainly treading the tourist track but this doesn’t take away from the majesty awaiting you. Tiptoeing through these silent tombs with a flashlight in hand makes you feel as though you have entered a distant world as a great explorer and every sight you see is doused in sheer fascination. Pillars rise up glittering in sandstone gold, hieroglyphs litter the walls and going into the depths of these shadowy tombs with a guide gives you the chance to escape the crush of the crowds.

Top Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/Alberto-g-rovi