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Visit Sedona: Steeped in Spiritual Bliss

To visit Sedona will be an experience you wont forget. It seems to cast a spell from the moment you set eyes on her; mystical, made up in the finest colors and steeped in spiritual bliss, it’s no wonder new age travelers trek across the globe to step foot on her hallowed ground. Arizona is a whirlwind of ruby red desert heat, velvet night skies flooded with a billion stars and lone cowboys wandering down the sprawling and desolate highway that stretches like a mirage across the plains. This is Native American land and you can feel the power of the earth surge through you as you stand in the radiating waves of the sun.

Visit Sedona

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/CGPGrey

The blend of azure skies and striking red rock is enough to tempt the dreamers and the wanderers who want to grab a map and hit a trail. The best way to discover the rich crimson country is on horseback, letting the hoofs kick up blood red dust as you canter towards the rose hued rocks that rise up in the distance. Yet one of the main reasons people make the pilgrimage to Sedona is to soak up the kaleidoscope spiritual vibes and to find a little part of themselves to piece the picture together. Reiki readings and hands on healings, visits to the vortex sites and yoga in the first grace of morning – these are all moments that will bathe your body, mind and soul in sheer radiance.

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Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/JohnMenard

For a significant view of Sedona that you simply cannot experience from the ground, take a sunset hot air balloon ride over the breadth of the desert. From high above the rugged carved landscape you can witness the changing colors that seem to spill from the sun over the earth, you can witness the flush of green and the dark blue watering holes and you can raise a glass of champagne to this rare and intrepid place that runs wild in America’s veins.

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