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Wadi Rum Desert: Beneath the Stars

A world of extremes waits for you in Jordan, as the deep cut world of sand known as the Wadi Rum desert. This is a place where the sandstorms pierce the sky, where the rocks flush in brilliant shades of burnt amber, crimson and gold and a place where the sky beats blue with a sun that never ceases to scorch. Throwing down your heart and heading into the depths of the desert can be a life changing experience especially when you tackle it on the back of a camel or horse in true Bedouin fashion. The day is a mirage of fierce energy and the dusk melts into the velvet black of night where a billion stars burn and the moon leaks a coldness that causes you to shiver beside the firelight.

Wadi Rum Desert

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/OliverClarke

Trekking across the Wadi Rum desert you may think that you have been spirited away to Mars, massive rock formations loom out of the fine sand and there is little life to see in this unforgiving landscape. Yet the Bedouins are warm, open and smile loudly as they help you with your journey. Large tents are erected with cozy cushions strewn across the floor where you can sit back, sip bottomless tea, smoke a shisha and scoop freshly mashed hummus with warm bread licked by the flames of fire.

Wadi Rum Desert 1

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/DavidBacon

Seeing the sunset fan her colors across the sky is something straight from the depths of your deepest imagination. Every shade of pink and gold press their fingers against the darkening blue, orange and lavender creep in at the edges and the first trickle of stars start to creep in. The sound of traditional Bedouin music strikes up and the relentless warmth of the day is replaced with something cooler. Things start to fade yet your senses come alive in the desert at night. The sky crack wide open to make way for the universe with stars so close you could almost pluck them and cradle them in your arms.

Top Image Courtesy: flickr.com/OliverClarke