10 Apps For Cosmopolitan Travelers

Got travel anxiety? Download these oh-so-useful iPhone and Android apps to take the stress out of every aspect of an upcoming trip.

1- Plan a trip

Trip it App Booked a flight through Expedia, accommodation on AirBnb and theatre tickets somewhere else? Travelers today know that planning a trip can mean keeping track of myriad details that can get lost in email confirmation messages and seas of paperwork. The TripIt app for iPhone and Android has a number of different features – including one that scans an email inbox – to merge all of this information into a comprehensive travel itinerary complete with maps, directions and other important details. It also helps with restaurant bookings, theatre tickets, flight check ins and share all of this information.

TripList App The TripList packing app will prevent the usual pre-travel packing frenzy. Simply create a trip, add items from the preloaded catalogue of 175 commonly-packed items, or add personalized ones, then check them off as items are packed. Lists have been pre-created for all sorts of trips including leisure, business, camping, cruise, conference, holiday, road trip, vacation and sporting events.

2- Be equipped:

Flightview App Never be late (or too early) for a flight with the Flightview app. It allows users to track flights and find out other details such as which type of aircraft they’ll be flying on, where the aircraft came from and whether a flight is delayed.

Google Translate App A little rusty on the Russian? Download the Google translate app for iPhone and Android. It translates text and speech into over 70 languages. For fun in a hotel room, users can even record their voices and listen to the translations aloud.

 XE Currency: Currency calculator app Find out how much the dollar is worth with the XE Currency: Currency calculator app which converts over 180 currencies around the globe. The app features up-to-the-minute exchange rates and historical charts. Plus, it stores last updated rates, so it works offline.

3-Stay connected

JiWire Wi-fi Finder app Never be caught without Wi-Fi or 3g again with the JiWire Wi-fi Finder app which will find the nearest Wi-Fi or 3g available in 650,000 locations in 144 countries around the globe. Available for iPhone and iPod Touch, the handy app uses the GPS function on a phone to find both free and paid Wi-Fi in the type of location, whether it’s a restaurant, café or hotel.

WhatsApp Messenger app Never pay for an SMS message again with the WhatsApp Messenger app, which lets users send text messages and videochats for free via Wi-Fi or 3g since it uses the same internet data plan used for email and web browsing. Available for iPhone and Android, it also lets users create groups and send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.


360 Panorama app Turn an iPhone, iPod or iPad into a panoramic camera with the 360 Panorama app. Snap a pic and the app will stretch it into a stunning panoramic image that can be shared in an instant with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. It includes GPS tagging, so users will never forget details about where the picture was taken.

5- Health

My Symptoms Translator App Imagine falling ill in a foreign country and visiting a doctor, but being unable to communicate symptoms due to a language barrier. Thankfully, there’s the My symptoms translator app, which allows users to build a list of symptoms which can then be translated into 22 different languages. It’s also possible to show the health care practitioner symptoms using a pictogram.

6- Ressource

mPassport app In need of a health professional in a foreign country but have no idea where to start looking for one? The mPassport app is a great resource. It lists carefully-selected doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies and helps users find local equivalents for medication brand names.

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