10 Best Holiday Destinations for Couples in Asia

The whole of Asia is an endless land for couples to explore together.These are top 10 Destinations for Couples in Asia recommended by Luxeinacity’s travel experts. Set off and indulge yourself in the best!


A luxury resort in Maldives

1. Maldives Islands – The Getaway Paradise

Undoubtedly, the renowned archipelago of Maldives is listed as the first in top 10 destinations for couples in Asia thanks to its superior features in all aspects for a romantic holiday: classic beach stay, romantic privacy, true luxury treatment, special isolated location.

The pretty island lies arrogantly in the middle of the Indian Ocean, currently offering the most delicate and luxury travel service in the world since this island nation has been developed luxury travel as its key industry. Every corner of the Maldives is a small paradise to relax and enjoy life; most of the locals are experienced luxury travel staffs. If you would like to get rid of daily stress, taking your partner here to be the king and queen of beaches is not a bad idea.

People said that Maldives are magical islands; they can conjure everything you wish just in a blink of an eye. If you wish a swimming, snorkeling or diving adventure, then crystal-blue lagoons and stunning coral islands will show up, bringing thousands of species of marine life. If you desire for a private romantic and exquisite dinner on the beach, then your resort staffs will help to create one. Maldives are in top 10 as it’s where you realize your dreaming holiday.

Hoi an2

Hoi An’s charming streets

2. Hoi An Vietnam – The Charming Ancient Town

Hoi An ancient town is a must-see in every Vietnam luxury tour. It is not a melodramatic destination; it’s simple, gentle and friendly as its own name, meaning “the rendezvous of peace”. That’s why visitors always find peace in their mind when they travel to Hoi An. The narrow old streets of Hoi An leading to the traditional culture behind lush gardens and ancient houses turn out to be a special destination for couples.

This charming town is considered the most romantic town for couples thanks to its gorgeous beauty by night with the cozy light of hundreds of silk lanterns. Especially in full moon nights, the small town is lightened up with the magical light from the colorful lanterns, which is an incredible backdrop for your romantic nights in your honeymoon. Beside the laid-back time in the center town, Hoi An also offers the stunning beaches of Cua Dai and Cham island for your private time on the beach with your partner. A couple days on the beach will maintain your trip with eternal feelings.


El Nido Island in Palawan, the Philippines

3. Palawan, The Philippines – The Tropical Haven

Tropical beaches are never obsolete fora couples holiday. The Palawan archipelago of 1780 islands on the western part of the Philippines is a perfectly romantic destination for couples. Known as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines”, Palawan is home to the crystal waters and pristine beaches and biodiversity of marine life.

Palawan also offers ancient limestone cliffs in harmony with incredible landscape of sandy beaches. The islands attract couples very much with its secret areas of beaches dotted with tropical forests, the haven for private atmosphere.

chiang mai

Launching sky lanterns in Loy Krathong festival

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand – The Soulful Land of Lovers

In contrast with the vibrant and busy Bangkok, Chiang Mai brings a different face of the Kingdom of Thailand and is known as the most charming city of Thailand. Home to many sacred pagodas, Chiang Mai is a place to nourish love and a perfect choice for a Thailand luxury holiday. People say that once a couple is blessed by a monk in a local pagoda, they will be together forever.

Chiang Mai is also the place where the most romantic festival in the world – Loy Krathong is celebrated at its best. It takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar, normally in November. In Loy Krathong, you and your partner will have chance to launch your own floating lantern bringing your dream and wish to the sky. The sight of thousands lanterns launching into the night sky will be the most incredible experience of your lifetime!


The ancient Lijang, China

5. Lijang, China – The Poetic “Venice” in Asia

An ancient town by the river like Hoi An, Vietnam, Lijang is a charming museum of old Oriental architecture and ancient life style which still coexist in harmony with modern life. The 800 year old city is built where the Jade River divides into three and its streams form the canals and waterways which flow along the old town streets.

The gentle town Lijang is beautiful as a masterpiece of ink painting with the gorgeous backdrop of the smooth river hugging spectacular mountains. Let’s imagine you and your partner are hand in hand passing the ancient stone bridge on that backdrop!

Balloon over Bagan

Luxury Balloon Riding over Bagan

6. Bagan, Myanmar – The magic land of spectacular experience

If you think Bagan is the destination for only culture adventurers, think again! It’s perfect for couples, too. The most incredible way to explore Bagan is taking a hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the ancient plain.

A private balloon flying into the sun with the extraordinary panoramic bird-eye view is one of the most stunning experiences that travelers have in Bagan. Many choose this unique chance to make their proposal to their girlfriend on the sky of the sacred land. How about your plan for your proposal?

Some luxury travel companies also offer a very romantic and luxury service, a private sandbank cocktail. You will cruise across the waters to a sandbank in the middle of the waterway and go ashore where tables, chairs, local snacks and cocktails await. Relax with feet in the sand and a cold drink in hand, enjoying this unique perspective of Bagan’s temples and the changing colors that occur as the sun dips low in to the sky.

Taj Mahal, India

The renowned Taj Mahal

7. Agra, India – The City of Love

The city of love, Agra is remaining its reputation to be the land of lovers although it’s considered the most popular destination in India. Agra is not a secret destination, it’s even touristy nowadays but the incredible architecture of its renowned buildings is worth to visit.

In Agra, visitors have a chance to see monuments of Mahabharata Times, Rabindra Nath Tagore which makes Agra as ‘’a tear on the face of eternity” and the well-known Taj Mahal. The World’s wonder, Taj Mahal is an endless evidence of love, where people say every couple should visit once in their life.

Hitachi park

Endless flower fields in Hitachi Seaside Park

8. Hitachinaka, Japan – Paradise of Flowers

Women love flowers! That’s the fact every guy should learn by heart. Imagine how happy your woman will be if she is amidst an immense flower field. The Eastern city of Hitachinaka is home of endless colorful flower fields, a must-see for every flower lovers when traveling to Japan.

Nestled beside Ajigaura beach, Hitachi Seaside Park offers attractive flowers flourishing all year around. Occupying an area of 3, 5 ha, the park is a masterpiece of natural and man-made beauty with eternal magical colors. The park is famous for a special blue flower named “Nemophilas”. This rare flower is considered a symbol of eternal love.


Bali’s beach view from a sky pool

9. Bali, Indonesia – The perfect relaxing island

The island of Bali, Indonesia is too popular to international tourists but it’s never an old destination for couples. The beautiful island is still attracting travelers in love as the first day people knew about it. This is a perfect destination for honeymoons – that’s the final conclusion of thousands of visitors each year to Bali.

Enjoying exquisite breakfast on boat, watching flawless view of sunrise, sharing the valued moment of sunset or staring night sky on the beach is what people keep talking about the gorgeous island.

Pamukkale, Turkey

“Cotton palaces” of nature

10. Pamukkale, Turkey – The Incredible Natural Creation

Located in the crossroad of Asia and Europe, geographically, Turkey partly lies in the old continent of Asia, which offers people not only magnificent natural beauty but also proud history and culture. Pamukkale, to the Southwest of Turkey is known as “cotton castle” thanks to its exclusive natural features.

In order to reach Pamukkale, normally people have to go to Kusadasi port, and drive 3 hours to see this incredible place. From long distance, you might think it’s a snowy mountain. Once you visit, it turns out to be a mountain of hot springs and terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water.It’s totally surprising to see the huge mountains reflecting into the clear lake as a scene in a fairy tale.

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