10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe

Even the very word ‘Island’ conjures up pristine images of pearly white sands sprinkled with thatched huts and the ebb of a beautiful warm blue tide day after day. Yet picture perfect islands don’t all appear to be from the front page of an exotic travel mag, islands can be wild and remote, sun glazed and simple and even achingly trendy with the flair of fine living.

Whatever dream island springs to mind, we have collected a handful of the rarest gems that glitter across the globe to show you the world’s most beautiful islands.


The sun splashed shores of Italy are always a welcoming retreat but the finery of Capri Island will keep you coming back for more. Turquoise waters lap at the golden rocky shore providing an endless array of secret swimming holes. The imposing dome of Vesuvius prickles the sky from across the bay at Naples and there are beautiful terraced gardens and palatial ruins to explore.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Capri


Discover the best of both worlds with a divine stay in heaven on earth. Maui blends the incredible beauty of the exotic with all the American luxuries you could need. With sacred pools, whale watching, rolling surf and a patchwork landscape of the deepest greens and blues, you will fall in love with Hawaii’s favorite island.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Maui

Bora Bora

French Polynesia is every bit as exotic as it sounds and you can discover the pearl of the world on the island of Bora Bora. Every shade of blue imaginable sits on these sugar dusted sands, and with some of the biggest names in luxury accommodation, you can select bespoke accommodation in style. Perfect pampering, fresh seafood and plenty of sunshine are the essence of Bora Bora.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Bora Bora


Greece is a place peppered with ancient myth, delightful folklore and some of Europe’s most astounding island. Santorini is a sweeping jewel of blue and white rising out of the Aegean Sea. On shore, you can meander through old towns, nibble olives and goats cheese in tiny taverns and witness some of the most surreal sunsets to ever bathe the shores.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Santorini


Perfection can be found on the shimmering white sands of the Maldives. Beautiful beaches bring together blue sky and sea and romance seeps in at every edge. With world-class resorts, some of the most incredible spas and every whim and desire catered for, the Maldives is the perfect playground for the rich and famous.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Maldives


Find paradise on earth with this natural playground populated with giant turtles, brightly plumed birds and endless white shores. Private villas and lavish resorts bring out the best in paradise and you can admire the bejeweled landscape of dense green rainforest, dramatic rock formations and incredible spiced Creole food.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Seychelles


Fabulous Fiji is a revered adventure playground of the world boasting palm fringed beaches, elegant establishments and plenty of action and adventure. From surfing to snorkeling, swimming in waterfalls to basking in blissful retreats, Fiji is sure to exceed your expectations.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Fiji

Image Courtesy: wikimediacommons/Jon-EricMelsæter

Lord Howe Island

Australia’s Lord Howe Island is an incredible feat of bliss and beauty, five-star surfers take to the waves, exceptional resorts allow you to live on the beach in style and there is always a cold beer and lobster barbeque waiting at the end of another exciting day.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Lord Howe Island

Image Courtesy: wikimediacommons/FannySchertzer


Indulge in the spectacle of Mother Nature in the stunning natural world of the Galapagos. The landscape may be formed of stark lava, rocks and cacti but you can still find turquoise cays and lush tropics hosting a whole world of wildlife. Every animal, bird and fish can be found hiding in the Galapagos and many are completely unperturbed by human visitors.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Galapagos

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/DerekKeats

Fair Isle

Leave the turquoise and gold beaches behind and escape to one of the most deserted islands in the world. Steep meadows blush with wildflowers in this fragrant solitary spot on earth and hundreds and thousands of birds swoop to claim home in this glorious isle off the coast of Scotland.

10 Picture Perfect Islands Across the Globe Fair Isle

Image Courtesy: wikimediacommons/NeilFairbrother


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Jodie Oakes

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