10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean

Beautiful blue days when the sunlight shimmers on the ocean can call you out for adventure and fine dining and this is precisely when a Quadski picnic should be planned. Crest across the open waters and find your own secret spot along the glittering Mediterranean coast, lay down a blanket and unwrap a basket brimming with local delicacies and fine foods.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 1

The Quadski is the perfect way of exploring the coastline, with its fast acting wheel retraction, you can cruise both the land and the sea in style. This must have new luxury superyacht toy can reach stunning speeds and with its all terrain capabilities, you can get off the beaten track and discover perfect picnic spots for a charmed afternoon.

Ischia Italy

The Isle of Ischia is laced with history, beauty and utter Italian charm. The dominant power of Aragorn’s castle looms in the background and with over forty kilometers of coastline untouched and unspoiled you can find your own gentle rolling volcanic slope onto white sands. Unpack Italian olives, bread and fresh mozzarella and watch the fishing boats disappear into the horizon.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 2

Ile d’Hyeres France

Fresh figs, crusty French bread and local olives from the market make Ile d’hyeres a gourmet picnic paradise. With many rocky coves and secret spots you will be sure to find a place to call your own on this stunning French secret. Blue waters fringed with white sands and fragrant pines make the island a magical choice.

Ile Sainte Marguerite France

Sitting pretty off the coast of Cannes this is an island doused in nature, wonder and sheer delight. Migrating birds flock to the shores, botanical gardens spill their essence into the air and the gentle peacock waves wash on the shore.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 3

Isola Maddalena

The protected shores of Sardinia’s Isola Maddalena are a sight for sore eyes and a dreamy spot to sit down with a basket and wish the day away. The virgin sands, the evocative waters and the lush carved island landscape blend together to create Eden on earth.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 4

Rondinara Beach Corsica

The semi circle bay has been declared one of the prettiest in the whole of France and with turquoise waters, white sailboats billowing and soft sands, it is hard to disagree. Organic scrubland and rolling hills populate the background and you can be assured of a private spot.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 5

Santa-Giulia Corsica

Silver sands, rustic wooden boardwalks and the palest blue waters make Santa Giulia a stunning spot to escape the mayhem of the modern world. Pack fresh shimmering anchovies, home baked bread and sweet homemade juice and spend the day dipping in and out of the divine waters and swimming to the boulders perched offshore.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 6

Pink Beach Budelli Sardinia

The pearly pink sands are one of the top attractions of this Budelli beach glistening in Sardinia. This natural wonder tempts you to sit and relax on the blushing shores and to watch the emerald waters rise and fall to the soundtrack of birdsong.

Orosei Gulf Beach Sardinia

The steep mountain cliffs hide a natural oasis of powdery white sands and sparkling blue. With secret coves and caves, winding coastal paths and rolling slopes you have every chance of having this pristine spot all to yourself.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 7

Shipwreck Beach Zakynthos Greece

Smugglers cove or Shipwreck Beach is one of the most beautiful and revered spots in the whole of Greece. Tiny, isolated and only accessible by boat, you can wash up on the sun soaked shores of this hideaway spot. Taste plump olives, stuffed vine leaves and dive into the clearest diamond waters in the world.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 8

Fethiye Turkey

The home of turquoise is true to its name and this crown jewel on the Turkish Riviera will never fail to disappoint. Roman ruins litter the golden cliffs and the promenade is the perfect place to pick up picnic essentials before choosing a spot on smooth pebbles to watch the waters roll in.

Top 10 Quadski Picnic Spots in the Mediterranean 9

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