10 Reasons to Visit Iceland This Year

Iceland presents several beautiful facets in summer. And it is during these months that tourists throng the country of the Northern Lights. But if you are looking for a different experience, a visit in spring (April to June) can be a great idea. Whether you are a nature buff or an avid adventurer, you will love it here in springtime.

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Iceland This Spring

Why will you go to Iceland this spring? Well, here are a few reasons that justify the idea.

Weather improves

and makes for a pleasant stay

Rough and cold winter makes way for mild and pleasant spring. Over the weeks, warm days replace the bitter ones. Precipitation wanes and temperature rises. While the temperatures remain somewhere between 1°C to 6°C (33.8-42.8 degrees F) in April and 4°C to 12°C (39.2 -53.6 degrees F) in June.

Crowds are few

and there is ample space for you to enjoy the sights and sounds

The best thing about Iceland in spring is that you need not bother about queues in front of every attraction and jostle for space for every activity. Fewer crowds also mean that there is no congestion on the roads. And it also means that the friendly locals become a little extra warm and hospitable to tourists.

Prices are low

so you can take pleasure in to your heart’s content

Be it airfare or accommodation, car rentals or entry tickets, everything costs a little less during the off-season. While you have to pay quite a high price for everything if you visit Iceland in summer, you need not bother about cost when you plan your trip in spring. And the best part, you get even the best options at quite reasonable rates.

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Iceland This Spring

Natural beauty enhances

and makes for a stunning spectacle

Days become brighter, flowers bloom, birds come back – nature wakes from its winter hibernation and prepares for glorious summer. A jeep ride through the landscape is enough to give you a good glimpse of the brilliant beauties of nature. Bird watchers are sure to love the show of the species in the splendid Mývatn Lake.

Capital remains resplendent

with its fantastic facets of fondness and fervor

Weather has little to do with Reykjavík, with its past engulfed in Viking stories, present offering a cosmopolitan feel and a big city vibe in future. Cozy cafes and excellent museums add to the European flair while quirky citizens and snazzy nightlife boosts its urban appeal. And beneath it lies its Icelandic soul full of warmth and vivacity.

Golden Circle tour becomes lovelier

and stupefies with its scenic splendor

Visit Thingvellir, the seat of the Icelandic parliament Althingi (the oldest functioning one), see the Skalholt church, the ancient religious centre of Iceland, and explore the Thingvellir National Park. Also, don’t miss the amazing hot springs in Geysir and Strokkur and the captivating Gullfoss waterfall.

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Iceland This Spring

Icelandic Opera performs

and enthralls every spectator

While the museums and galleries only start to open their doors in late spring, you can catch a performance at the northernmost opera house in the world here in Iceland in spring. The Icelandic Opera is known for its excellence in music and versatility in subject, making it an ideal amusement for your leisurely vacation.

An adventure awaits you

to take you through the tough terrains

Iceland offers endless opportunities for adventure seekers. Be it the thrill of skiing or snowmobiling down rugged snow-covered peaks and glaciers, fishing in roaring rivers and blue lakes, biking or hiking through unpredictable mountains, or driving a jeep through the stark landscape, you can do it all when you are here in spring.

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Iceland This Spring

Fun and festivities begin

and give you a good glimpse of Icelandic culture

Reykjavík and surrounding areas host numerous interesting festivals in spring. Be it the First Day of Summer in April, with parades, parties, and plays, or the Reykjavík Arts Festival in May, with exhibitions, performances and concerts, you can be part of it if you are in the country at this time.

Geothermal pools soothe your soul

and relax your body and refresh your mind

You simply cannot miss a visit to a naturally heated pool and spa while you are here in Iceland. You can also decide to soak in the Blue Lagoon, a pool of neon blue waters heated by a nearby geothermal power plant. Get a day of beauty treatments at the spa, relax at the poolside café or grab your favorite drink at the bar.

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Iceland This Spring

Iceland in spring offers ample exciting opportunities; just pack your bags and head for it.

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