5 City Escapes for A Romantic Interlude

Back-to-school season can be hectic for any given family; this is why you might need to find time for a luxury escape to a nearby or far-away destination for some well-deserved one-on-one time. Return to a favorite city or discover a new one; but one thing is for sure, September can be a great time to travel to any of these spectacular cities.

Madrid, the city of passion, welcomes visitors with open arms. The conglomeration of architectural styles, the array of artistic collections and the brilliance of arts and culture mark this vivacious Spanish city. Add to this the excellent dining choices and the frenzied nightlife and you have the perfect recipe for a vacation.

Top 5 City Escapes for Couples in September Madrid Spain

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Nagano (Japan)

, the hub of adventures with a small town vibe, captured the attention of the world when it became the venue for the Winter Olympics of 1998. But this mountain-encircled small town has been on the tourist map for its famed attraction, the temple of Zenko-ji. Another reason for its popularity – the mountains surrounding the town offer hiking, skiing and many other recreational opportunities for visitors.

Top 5 City Escapes for Couples in September Nagano Japan

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Haifa (Israel)

, a picturesque paradise in the Middle East, presents a fine blend of natural beauty and cultural wonders. The scenic Mt Carmel provides a charming backdrop to this pleasant city. Stroll hand-in-hand through the exquisite Baha’i Gardens; dine at a restaurant in the old German Colony; visit the Elijah’s Cave; and take a trip out to the delightful Akko.

Top 5 City Escapes for Couples in September Haifa Israel


Zanzibar Town (Tanzania)


, a touch of the exotic, offers a medley of sights, sounds, smells and tastes for couples. Take a stroll through the labyrinthine cobbled alleys of the Stone Town; every corner would reveal a surprise, the Old Fort, a ruin of a public bath or a palace. Or, just relax on the sun-kissed beaches where the azure waters and the palm-fringed villages create the picture perfect setting for you.

Top 5 City Escapes for Couples in September Zanzibar Town Tanzania

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Juneau (Alaska)

, pretty capital that mingles nature and history, gives couples ample opportunities to spend their leisure the way they like. You can hike through the Mendenhall Glacier and glimpse the snowcapped mountains from close quarters or stay put at the historic downtown or in the lively waterfront. And while you are there, don’t forget to visit a woodcarver’s workshop; it is sure to be a memorable experience.

Top 5 City Escapes for Couples in September Juneau Alaska

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So, what are you waiting for, get your booking and start packing your bags.

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