5 Extremely Exotic Hiking Trails

Hiking is a recreational activity that is widely enjoyed. While there are many hiking trails in the world, there are a few that are unrivaled for their beauty and the overall experience they provide hiking enthusiasts. Here is a list of five extremely exotic hiking locations.

Laugavegurinn Pass Hiking Trail - Iceland

1. Laugavegurinn Pass (Iceland) – Iceland’s most popular hiking trail is 55 kilometers of mountains, glaciers, roaming hot springs, big rivers and lakes. On day two, if the visibility is good, take advantage of the view from the side of Háskerðingur mountain. The hike normally takes about four days and there are limited huts along the way for those that would like a comfortable place to lodge. There are also campsites close to the huts.

Kungsleden Kiking Trail - Sweden

2. Kungsleden (Sweden) – Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) is a 440-kilometer trail in northern Sweden. The trail is separated into four sections and each takes a week to hike. Part of one of the trails (Abisko) is along Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. There are huts along the trail. Hikers can also pitch tents close to the huts and use the facilities.

Kalalau Hiking Trail - Hawaii, USA

3. Kalalau Trail (Hawaii, USA) – Located along the beautiful Napali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii, the Kalalau Trail is an 11 mile trail from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach. The hike generally takes a full day, however there are facilities in the middle section of the trail for those that would like to break up the trip into two days. The first part of the hike leads to the Hanakapi’ai Valley that leads to a waterfall.

Israel National Hiking Trail - Israel

4. Israel National Trail (Israel) – The Israel National trail is a1000 kilometer mile trail that crosses Israel from North to South. It is touted as one of the best ways to connect to biblical landscapes as well as modern Israel. The trail was inaugurated in 1995 and quickly became one of the world’s best hiking trails.

The Snowman Trek - Bhutan

5. The Snowman Trek (Bhutan) – The Snowman Trek is named after the six mountains over 7000 meters, which the trek passes under. The hike takes 25 days and leads through very remote areas in high altitudes. Those that are up to the challenge will be rewarded with Bhutan’s beautiful landscape including the Paro Chhu River.

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