5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City

Bursting with flavor and flair Mexico City will leave you dizzy for more reasons than the high altitude. The crush of people, the endless array of festival spirit and the sizzling street food permeating the air are all part of the color of this historic city. The capital is without a doubt one of the best gastronomical hotspots of the world with fresh seafood trucked in from the coast, exotic spice driving a kick to local dishes and craft beers served with a zesty slice of lime.

Take a look at these five must try restaurants to experience when exploring the colonias of Mexico City.

Los Danzantes

The bohemian grace of Coyoacán pays homage to great Mexican artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera yet the artistic hub is also the home of fabulous dining. Taste the true spirit of Mexico in the chic and cheerful Los Danzantes. This is Oaxacan cooking at its best and with TV chef Ruben Amaro Reyes behind the menu it’s not hard to feel inspired.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City Los Danzantes 1

Start with a Corazón de Maguey Cocktail to cleanse your taste buds with its cool cucumber, lively lime juice and touch of mescal. Paired with white fish ceviche mixed with mango and served on blue corn tostadas you have the perfect lunch.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City Los Danzantes 2


Pujol keeps hitting high on the world’s best restaurants list and for good reason; classic ingredients with a modern twist ensure that diners get the best of both worlds. Local produce, artisan flair and true gastronomic legacy pave the way for Pujol and Chef Enrique Olvera doesn’t flounder when it comes to presentation.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City Pujol 1

The tasting menu is the best way to go with chia seed and avocado starters, suckling lamb tacos and hibiscus ponche for dessert.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City Pujol 2

San Angel Inn

The San Angel Inn is an institution in Mexico City serving traditional and innovative dishes against a backdrop of dark wood and white linen. Housed in an old hacienda you should grab a table in the gorgeous courtyard on a balmy night and allow the live music to wash over you. The menu is extensive and you can tempt your taste buds with everything from lobster bisque to calf brains with black butter. The Aztec tortilla soup is bursting with flavor and the goat milk crepes will ensure you end on a high note.

La Capital

When in Mexico City you simply must visit a cantina at least once for the authentic experience and La Capital is the best up-market stomping ground you could ask for. Lavished in art deco furniture with an open kitchen and charming courtyard this is the perfect escape from the outside world. Tuck yourself away in a cozy corner, order a beer and pick your way through crispy tostadas, melt in the mouth ceviche and fresh zucchini flower gnocchi.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City La Capital

Maximo Bistrot Local

Fresh, local and making waves in the culinary world, Maximo Bistrot Local is one of the hottest new kids on the block when it comes to delightful dining. Chef Eduardo Garciá beautifully blends traditional Mexican favorites with European flair in this intimate dining space that will leave you charmed.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City Maximo Bistrot Local 1

The menu changes on a whim or with the seasons but offers a laid back food haven with inspired dishes like lobster and squash blossom ceviche and local mussels in a butter sauce.

5 Must Try Restaurants in Mexico City Maximo Bistrot Local 2

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