5 White Knuckle Adventure Travel Destinations

We only live once and the world can be your playground whether you want to freefall over the kaleidoscope colors of the Great Barrier Reef, climb glaciers in Iceland or feel the desert sun beat down on your brow as you raft through the Grand Canyon. These are moments that can change your world forever and encourage you to push your instincts to the extreme.

Be inspired by the world today and feel the blood pump through your veins with these 5 white knuckle adventures to embrace.

Glacier Exploration in Iceland

Lose yourself in the mountains of madness and touch the void with this adventure of ice and snow. The Langjokull glacier is an inhospitable diamond rising cold and sparkling beneath the flooded greens and gold’s of the Northern Lights. You can climb the summit of this exceptional glacier in an all-terrain vehicle before taking to the wilderness on a snow mobile.

5 White Knuckle Adventure Destinations Glacier Exploration in Iceland

Tiptoe through glass vaulted ice cathedrals, sleep in snow holes and watch the midnight sun dip her head behind the majestic mountains before bathing the ethereal world around you in rose colored hues. This is an adventure into one of the most extreme environments in the world.

Rafting the Grand Canyon

Immerse yourself in a world of staggering scenery, epic adventures and untamed waters with a white water rafting tour of the Grand Canyon. Americas pride and joy is a stone and sand oasis ever changing with its burnt oranges, blood soaked reds and dramatic carved cliffs.

5 White Knuckle Adventure Destinations Rafting the Grand Canyon

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/seanhobson

Discover perfect light in the midst of the Marble Canyon, roll over the waves of Hermit Canyon and plunge into the icy cool healing waters of Sipapu. Sleep beneath a decadent canopy of stars and dine like a king on Colorado peach cobbler and tender steaks cooked in Dutch ovens beside the rushing river.

Helicopter Surfing in New Zealand

Surf junkies can take their pleasures to the extreme with a luxurious helicopter surf adventure on the wild shores of New Zealand. Secret spots and hard to find waves can be yours as you grab your board and let the pilot transport you to some of the most exciting swells to roll across the sapphire waters.

5 White Knuckle Adventure Destinations Helicopter Surfing in New Zealand

Spend days exploring isolated shores, dropping straight from the helicopter into the backline and chasing the sheer delights of the endless summer. Shake the sea salt from your hair and bask in the blissful oasis of your private beach villa, savoring mountain fresh dishes and swirling some of the best new world wines.

Kayak with Whales in Canada

This is your chance to get up close and personal with the graceful giants of the sea. Nothing can compare to paddling out across the pristine shores of British Columbia and feeling the surge of a humpback whale pass beneath you. From the sparkling waters you can witness pods of orcas cresting the surface, dolphins racing alongside you and eagles ducking down to catch fresh fish for breakfast.

5 White Knuckle Adventure Destinations Kayak with Whales in Canada

In the evening you can retire to the Long Beach Lodge Resort and sip a stiff drink whilst watching the shore break over the Wild West coast.

Discovering the Blue Hole in Belize

The beauty of Belize boasts the largest sea hole in the world and discovering the depths of this natural blue hole is both magical and terrifying at the same time. For a white knuckle ride of your life start your epic adventure with a sky dive over the blue hole. This exhilarating journey will allow you to glimpse the onyx dark spot shimmering in the sea from a bird’s eye view.

5 White Knuckle Adventure Destinations Discovering the Blue Hole in Belize

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/wstera2

Later you can dive into the tumbling chasm that falls to infinity and swim with reef and blacktip sharks. The feeling of being suspended over a never-ending watery drop will take your breath away.

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