5 World-Class Hotels in Cannes for a Luxurious Stay

Located in the French Riviera, Cannes is known for its luxurious shopping, hotels, dining establishments and as the venue of the famous Cannes Film Festival. Boasting a fabulous Mediterranean climate, azure waters, rich heritage and gorgeous inhabitants, this mega-rich seaside city is by far one of France’s top tourist destinations.

Its busy and vibrant atmosphere has propelled the tourism industry to be the very best that it can be competition-wise, so do not be surprised when you have a hard time picking just one out of dozens of luxury hotels to stay at.

We have made your life easier and narrowed it down to the top five worth dolling out your money for.

Hotel Martinez

The Hotel Martinez is a member of the Hyatt group, so you can expect excellent service and a comfortable stay. Occupying a gorgeous art deco building, this luxury hotel offers authentic hospitality and a sophisticated ambiance.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Hotel Martinez 1

With a private beach, a Givenchy spa, a 2-Michelin star restaurant and over 2,500 square meters of conference space, this beautiful hotel is the place to check into whether you are in Cannes for business or pleasure. The upscale ambiance prevalent throughout the premises will give you a sense of class and old school French elegance.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Hotel Martinez 2

Hotel Majestic Barriere

The hotel unabashedly beckons guests to have the time of their lives in a legendary setting. More often than not, this luxury hotel delivers just that. The Hotel Majestic Barriere is one of the most timelessly elegant hotels in the city. Ideally located on the Croisette, Cannes’ most famous street, this converted art deco palace has ocean views unlike any other.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Hotel Majestic Barriere 1

The 265 rooms spread over five spacious floors are decorated in classic French style with rich fabrics, tapestries, and tastefully aged furniture. With a private beach club, casino and incredible dining and tipple options, the Hotel Majestic Barriere is certainly the playground of the rich and famous when they swing through Cannes.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Hotel Majestic Barriere 2

Tiara Yaktsa

This luxury hotel is the perfect place to head to on a romantic getaway. With only 21 rooms, this beautiful hotel also has a heated outdoor pool, Zen garden and renowned restaurant, amongst other things. A lively atmosphere and contemporary yet classic adornments can be found on the premises.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Tiara Yaktsa 1

The Tiara Yaktsa has managed to compress the outrageous glamor of Cannes into a smaller, albeit luxe setting. Personalized mood music and appealing color palettes give this little hotel that extra oomph. Because Tiara Yaktsa is located 20 minutes away from Cannes by car, you can be sure that you will be treated to serenity and absolute peace and quiet.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Tiara Yaktsa 2

Five Seas Hotel & Spa

This boutique hotel sits on prime real estate right next to the Palais des Festivals and the Croisette. This design-conscious hotel is the epitome of luxury at its very best. With a Michelin-starred restaurant, infinity pool, bar lounge and on-call yacht for private cruises, the Five Seas Hotel is a remarkable place to lay one’s head at.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Five Seas Hotel 1

With spacious suites that feature a modern yet elegant touch, this hotel perfectly embodies the French love of art and culture. The art pieces showcased in the hotel were amassed from five continents, and the original concept of the hotel was inspired by the church opposite, inviting guests to escape on a unique journey through time and space.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Five Seas Hotel 2

Le Mas Candille

It is understandable that after a weary journey on your superyacht to the French Riviera, the last thing you would want to do is be inundated by the hustle and bustle of the city and its never-ending throngs of tourists. Hence, Le Mas Candille is the perfect place to head to.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Le Mas Candille 1

Located in the tranquil and picturesque hillside village of Mougins, this luxury hotel used to be an 18th century farmhouse before it was converted into what it is today. Boasting two heated swimming pools, a magnificent spa, antique furnishings and fabulously modern amenities, Le Mas Candille aims to be the ultimate home away from home for the discerning traveler.

World Class Hotels in Cannes Le Mas Candille 2

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