Agua Azul Chiapas – One Cool Natural Pool

Agua Azul, the famous waterfalls, is located in Chiapas, Mexico. It is one of the spectacular tourist attractions in Mexico. The cool breeze, crystal clear water and soothing vegetation around make it the perfect relaxing spot for visitors residing nearby the city of Chiapas. Unlike the regular waterfalls in the world, Agua Azula descends beautifully over a series of steps making it an impressive attraction. The natural pools, better known as the Rimstones, offer splendid natural beauty for all the tourists to enjoy. The waterfall is surrounded with eating joints, craft shops and guides who plan small trips for the tourists to enjoy the nearby places.

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What to do in Agua Azula

A day full of fun at Agua Azul

The waterfall essentially comprises of numerous cascades, each one of them with varying heights and dimensions. The largest one is as high as 20 feet above the sea level. One is simply amazed to look at the clarity of water, not tampered with dust and instead maintains its crystal blue color (owing to its heavy mineral content) throughout the stretch of the waterfall. Moreover, it is splendid to see the natural gleam of the stones’ bed of the waterfall made of pure limestone. Families from nearby cities pack their bags and ride off to the waterfall to spend a relaxing and rejoicing weekend.

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River rafting in Tulija River

Tulija is one of the main rivers flowing through the city of Chiapas. The characteristic features of the river are its deep turquoise color, beautiful waterfalls through the course of the river and picturesque water pools that form at various places the river traverses. The city is blessed with uncountable waterfalls at various places, thanks to its intensely rugged topography. Owing to its well privileged topography, the river offers great swimming, river rafting and camping options to the visitors. Other activities, especially bird-watching and white water rafting have also caught the attention of many tourists to the city.

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Once you are done with your swimming expeditions in the waterfall, hop onto a tourist bus or taxi to reach Palenque, a beautiful archeological site located at a distance of 4 miles from the city center. Old structures that have been recently excavated – pyramids and steles are the main attractions of this historic place. Remains and artifacts of the Mayan civilization are well preserved in the museums of the city and are open for tourists to view.

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Binge on the authentic flavors

The eating joints located near the waterfall specialize in preparing delicacies that reflect the authentic Hispanic flavor. Some of the exotic dishes loved by the tourists are shote served with momo, leaf parcels sautéed on traditional herbs and stuffed with nixtamal dough, duck prepared in the spicy chilmol sauce and drinks like pozol. Sweets made from honey are savored as desserts after a meal. Most of these delights are well prepared in the numerous petite roadside restaurants near the waterfall.

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Don’t wait! Pack your bags and head out for a journey to one of nature’s best wonders.

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