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Albanian coast is essentially associated with virgin beaches, unspoiled mountains, warm hospitality, sumptuous Albanian delicacies and peculiar historical remains that reflect the ancient Albanian traditions. The coastline starts from the north western region of the Buna delta river and stretches till the Cape Stillo, located at the border of Albania and Greece. Along this huge coastline, one finds uncountable small and large white sandy beaches, each of them being naturally endowed with purity and untamed beauty. Unlike other commercial coasts, Albanian coast still stands erect with pride with its unexplored treasures and remains of centuries old civilization.

Here’s what to do on the Albanian coast to explore its myriad facets.

Bardhori and Gjenerali

Bardhori and Gjenerali are small beaches that never fail to look exquisite every time you pay a visit. Since these beaches are not flocked by tourists from all over the world, unlike the typical commercial beaches, Bardhori and Gjenerali look like paradise on earth, whatever the time of the year. While Bardhori is essentially a rocky beach, Gjenerali is more beautiful and surrounded by greenery and vegetation. These two beaches are a perfect get-away from the noise and hustle-bustle of the city.

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Gjipea Beach

Gjipea, undoubtedly, is another untouched beauty that manages to take you far away to a land of virgin beauty and serenity. Tourists find the beach more interesting to visit with its natural canyon-like structure covered with walls measuring 70 m high. The Cave of Pirates is located in the proximity of the beach. The caves can be easily reached with a ferry, which takes the tourists to and fro at regular intervals. The place has been transformed into a comfortable tourist spot with the establishment of numerous resorts, motels, restaurants and hotels.

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Franz Joseph Island

This small island is of great eminence to the natives for its fertile alluvial soil deposits. The island is located at one of the ends of the river Buna and falls at the border between Montenegro and Albania. The island is home to lush green vegetation; here you can see some of the most exquisite sea birds, habitants of this place. Among the vegetation, green leafy trees, poplars and groves are the dominant plants. The place may not have glamorous resorts and discotheques; however, it is a blissful place to visit for those who love nature and its unique gifts to humanity.

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Located at the sourthern tip of Albania, Dhermiu is one of the most visited beaches for its natural beauty, crystal clear water and amazing water sports options. This is yet another isolated beach – one of the main reasons why its natural beauty has still remained unblemished. Thanks to the many water adventure recourses, the beach is commonly flocked with youngsters looking for a weekend retreat!

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The glorious sea life of Albania is the real treasure of this coast. The water of this rich coastline unveils many treasures and historical relics to the world. The coast has gained limelight and is gradually becoming popular among the tourists.

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