Amathus Beach Hotel – Five Star Seaside Retreat in Cyprus

As the temperatures begin to drop, and the breeze begins to sharpen, Limassol’s scenery acquires a mystique feel, a gentle sensation of warmth, freshness and revival. From the crashing waves to the misty shore, the crowd-less beaches and the romanticism sweeping across the sky allow the beauty of your environs to take your breath away…pause for a moment and observe how fall, works its charm over Cyprus.

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Best Season

: Autumn

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With 325 sunny days per year and 9 hours of sunshine per day even in autumn, travelers are welcome to bask in the summer’s glorious warmth for a bit longer, swim in the azure of the sea, linger on the beach for hours or take a walk by the seashore while gazing at the endless horizon.

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Perfect for

: Families holidays, romantic honeymoons, spa vacations

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Matching the mild Mediterranean weather with the Cypriot culture, the coastal city of Limassol is ideal for family holidays in Cyprus as they can combine relaxation with leisure and experience – a breadth of water sports adventures, wondrous excursions and educational activities while spending some quality time together at some of the finest luxury hotels in Cyprus.

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Couples to be wed can organize one of the most spectacular weddings in Cyprus , also known as the island of Aphrodite and begin their lives together in an environment of pure romanticism while letting the honeymoon experts organize on their behalf the most dreamy tailored honeymoon in Cyprus Island.

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For a luxury spa holiday, what better place to be than the 5 star Amathus beach hotel in Limassol, a seafront hotel that can cater to all of your desires: healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being. Simply surrender into the abyss of the spa and let the elements of nature seduce your senses into the realm of sensual enchantment.

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Top Activities

: Sports + Sightseeing

During the day, enjoy a series of water sports adventures such as scuba diving, jet skiing and para-gliding, visit the archeological site of Amathus, head to Kolossi Village and explore the Kolossi Castle, discover the ancient city kingdom of Cyprus also known as Kourion.

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Walk the Ladies Mile, visit the archeological museum, the Limassol Zoo and stroll through the picturesque villages of the surrounding areas on your own pace and convenience, without waiting in lines, enjoying every step of the way.

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Must Attend Happenings

: Festivals + Events

• 1st Cyprus Jazz & World music Showcase

Enjoy a festive celebration of Jazz inspiration on September 26th-27thheld at Rialto.

• Short Matters 2014

Attend a moving cinematic tour of short films from September 24th -26that ARTos Foundation, Nicosia and from October 8th-10that Pefkios Georgiades Amphitheatre (CUT) in Limassol.

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• Lemesia

Witness the most amazing 10-day annual sporting event with a great number of participants from all over the world taking place in October.

• 9th Cyprus International Film Festival (CIFF)

An artistic celebration of independent films held in mid-October at the cities of Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia.

• 7th International Cyprus Dragon Boat Festival

A spectacular boat race is taking place on October 19th 2014 at Yermasoyia Dam.

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Entertainment+ Dining

According to your preferences, there are a lot of options for dining and entertainment in Limassol. From freshly caught seafood, casual al fresco dining, scrumptious gourmet temptations, and divine cocktails by the seashore at a world-class hotel to authentic Mediterranean flavors, Cypriot specialties, Italian inspirations and sushi delicacies, restaurants in Limassol reach a whole new level of enjoyment.

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On the other hand, the night time scene of Limassol will please even the most discerning visitors as it offers a great number of lounge bars and vibrant clubs that will certainly lure you into the rhythmic tunes of the night.

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So even though summer has come and passed, fall seems to now have our full attention. There is always time to dream, and there is always a place where dreams are enlivened.

Fall…into Limassol, the season has spoken!

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