Atlanta’s 5 Best Museums for Urbane Travelers

Atlanta is one of the most populous cities in the US. Thousands of travelers visit the city every year. While Atlanta has many tourist attractions, it isn’t quite well known for having great museums. However, there are several in the city that are worth visiting.

Here are the top five museums in Atlanta:

1. High Museum of Art

– The High Museum is one of the premier fine art museums in the Southeast. The museum is located in Midtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street. Opened in 1905, the High boasts a permanent collection of 11,000 works of art. Through global partnerships with prominent museums such as the Lourve, the High offers many special exhibitions.

Top 5 Museums in Atlanta High Museum of Art

2. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

– The Fernbank Museum allows guests to get up close with the culture of the past. During the day, families wander through dinosaur exhibits. On Friday evenings, the Martinis and IMAX event has become extremely popular with couples.

Top 5 Museums in Atlanta Fernbank Museum of Natural History

3. Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)

– Located across the street from the High Museum, MODA is the only museum in the Southeast devoted exclusively to the study of all things design. Through well-curated exhibits, the museum focuses on how design affects our everyday lives. MODA has two main galleries spread throughout its 6,500 square foot space.

Top 5 Museums in Atlanta Museum of Design

4. World of Coca Cola

– The Coca-Cola Company was founded in 1886. As one of America’s oldest brands and one of the most recognizable brands in the world, it has a storied history. In addition to the headquarters being located in Atlanta, the company also has a museum that attracts over a million visitors each year. Inside the World of Coca-Cola, guests can see all the different Coca-Cola bottles in the world, view the well-known advertising, and sample 64 products by the Coca-Cola Company.

Top 5 Museums in Atlanta World of Coca Cola

5. The King Center

– Civil rights leader and humanitarian Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta and called the city home for many years. It’s only fitting that the largest repository of materials on him are located in the King Center in Atlanta. In addition to the museum on his work, the Martin Luther King National Historic Site also includes Ebenezer Baptist Church where he pastored. A block from Ebenezer, guests can also tour Dr. King’s childhood home.

Top 5 Museums in Atlanta The King Center

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