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Cape Town, South Africa’s ‘Mother City’, is a top international travel destination, particularly for those who are looking to combine travel and leisure with luxury living. Amongst other things, Cape Town is known as the foodie capital of the country, if not Africa as a whole. Some of the world’s best wines are made in this region, which is also host to many fine dining destinations.

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Aubergine is an award-winning restaurant with an award-winning winelist. This is simply one of the best restaurants in the country and, some believe, in the world. The option of al fresco dining in warmer weather allows guests to fully appreciate the beautiful African setting.

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A fireplace creates a cozy ambiance in the cooler winter months. The atmosphere is one of sophistication and timeless elegance. There is a predominance of natural elements such as wood, leather, suede and bamboo, not to mention slate crockery.

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Tasteful artworks, indigenous flora, and modern elements such as glass create an ambiance that is as welcoming as the service. All in all, a historic Cape home has been converted into a wonderful venue that seamlessly blends the history of the setting with the original and inventive qualities of the dishes that are served here.

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The menu focuses on innovative creations that appeal to the senses. Chef Harald Bresselschmidt is internationally trained and brings a wealth of experience and influence to the kitchen at Aubergine. The emphasis is on creativity using natural flavors and seasonal ingredients.

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Locally sourced seasonal ingredients are used in conjunction with free-range and organic products. Aubergine is also conscious of sustainable seafood practices.

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Several of Bresselschmidt’s dishes have a distinct Asian influence. However, both Eastern and Western influences transform what is essentially a classic foundation into elegant dishes that will please the most discerning palate.

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Dishes include delights such as Hot Smoked Salmon Trout (served with a parfait of peppered mackerel and buffalo yoghurt, salmon roe vinaigrette and a fennel salad), Cape Sea Harvest (line fish served on a ragout of whelks, broad beans and artichokes with crayfish bisque, spinach and grilled octopus) and Chocolate Fondant (served with port wine cherries and almond-geranium ice pralines).

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Although there is an a la carte menu, by far the best choice is to select a three, four or five course tasting menu with wine pairing.

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The sommelier, Richard Gosa, is knowledgeable and accommodating of individual tastes and preferences. This allows diners to experience the most superb cuisine with delectable local wines for an evening of sheer delight and indulgence.

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