Baglioni Hotel London: London’s Corner of Italy

One of the most amazing things about traveling to London, UK, is the sheer diversity that the British capital is able to offer. This eclectic metropolis has something to offer for everyone, and the most amazing thing is that you can actually find some establishments that are completely authentic, brought to the city by people who really are passionate about the culture and service industry that they represent. This is definitely the case with Baglioni Hotel London, a great little luxury boutique establishment located in one of the city’s best neighborhoods.

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My experience at this establishment was absolutely stellar: it almost felt like I could get away from the busy street of London and hide into a little corner of southern Italy, with all its distinctive warmth, colors, aromas and flavor.

Baglioni Hotel London Luxury Stay 2

My room, a junior suite deluxe, was comfortable, large and equipped with all the comforts I may possibly need. From quality bathroom supplies to a nice television set, they have you covered. The staff members are professional, kind and open to accommodate any request you might have in order for you to enjoy a memorable stay in every possible way.

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If you are the kind of person who enjoys spending time at the hotel, you are in for a treat, because the Baglioni Hotel offers some incredible infrastructure that will certainly contribute to making your stay in London enjoyable, just like having a very luxurious second home in the English capital.

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The spa and gym areas are clean and serviced by personal trainer Linn Hansen while the restaurant facilities strive to offer the best Italian cuisine, made from quality imported ingredients by chefs who are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft.

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The aesthetics and décor of the hotel itself truly echo the warmth of Southern Italy, particularly because of the traditional Murano décor, custom-made specifically for this hotel. The quality of the facilities is matched by the experience and professionalism of the staff: they are all very discrete and elegant, yet they are always there whenever you need something from them.

Baglioni Hotel London Luxury Stay 6

Among the many services that this hotel offers, it is in fact possible to book a prestigious Maserati car with a driver that will drop you anywhere you want in style.

My stay at the luxury establishment allowed me to experience the routine of this establishment: waking up in a comfortable room, getting ready, then off to breakfast, where the house will treat you to your favorite continental breakfast items, as well as something more traditionally British if you are in the mood for something more earthy and substantial. The coffee here definitely deserves an honorable mention, as the bar relies on a traditional Italian coffee maker that packs in a lot of punch and flavor: the perfect espressos!

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If you are visiting London, but value your privacy and want to experience your stay within a warmer, more personable and relaxing environment, The Baglioni Hotel London is definitely an option to consider. This is a relatively small luxury boutique hotel, but it is quickly rising in reputation as one of the most authentic Italian-flavored establishments in London town – a place where anyone from the general manager to the bus boy and the driver will treat you with respect and courtesy, making for a great and comfortable luxury experience that you will certainly be willing (and hoping) to repeat soon after your first visit.

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