Balnea Spa Montreal – A Quest for Spirituality

Few spas in the world can boast the creative energy, the quest for spirituality, and the zest for opening another realm of sensory indulgence than the Balnea Spa Montreal.  Slip into steamy saunas boasting panoramic views, soak up the silence in the forest pool and drift away with multisensory massages designed to awaken your spiritual side.

Balnea Spa Montreal A Quest for Spirituality 1

Enter Another World

This incredible water palace is nestled deep in the mountainside, surrounded by the scent of rich pine trees and pure diamond air that soothes your soul. From the second we stepped inside we felt as though we had entered another world. Wrap yourself in a thick cloud like cotton robe and prepare for a day of perfect harmony.

Balnea Spa Montreal A Quest for Spirituality 2

Give your Skin a Gourmet Treat

Treatments at the Balnea spa are carefully curated to give every inch of your body the attention it deserves but all contain a creative kick never experienced before. For the ultimate indulgence the Balnea Gourmand will treat your skin to rich dark chocolate and sweetened grape seed oils along with sensory massage maneuvers from every far flung corner of the globe.

Balnea Spa Montreal A Quest for Spirituality 3

Awaken your Spiritual Side

Mythical treatments will awaken the spirituality held inside and flood your waking hours with spellbinding joy. The Maya ceremony is fit for a queen as two therapists work every part of your body, slather your scalp in chocolate, invite you to sip port and nibble fresh fruits and ply you with beautiful music. For couples embracing the art of love, the inspired Trinity Massage borrowed from a Hindu myth will harmonize your souls as you sway softly in an embrace whilst four hands work wonders on your body.

Balnea Spa Montreal A Quest for Spirituality 4

From Underground to Icy Falls

After your divinity is awakened it’s time to explore the heavenly gifts offered by the spa. Start by releasing your toxins as our ancestors once did in the heady realm of the sweat lodge. This natural building worked into the ground helps you to connect with earth. After plunge into the icy waterfalls and let the cooling waters invigorate your nervous system, tone your body and help you to feel born again.

Balnea Spa Montreal A Quest for Spirituality 5

Gaze out onto Pristine Beauty

Divine rest areas beautifully transition the outside with the inside with warm slabs of stone, glass walls and plush benches to stretch and unwind. Soaking up the splendor of the Canadian wilderness views is best done in the lavish Jacuzzi. Let the soft steam and pulse of the water soothe your muscles as you gaze out over the pristine beauty of Lake Gale and the shimmering colors of the Appalachians.

Balnea Spa Montreal A Quest for Spirituality 6

The Luxury of Wellbeing

For those who want more from their spa day then simple relaxation, you can blend the grace of your environment with the chance to unwind. From yoga sessions in the garden to hikes through the fragrant forests and falling in love with the freshest salads in the restaurant, a day at the Balnea Spa Montreal is an experience curated for the complete luxury of well-being.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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