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For those familiar with Ollie Dabbous’ first restaurant, the super chic Dabbous with its infamously long waiting list, Barnyard Restaurant London comes as a bit of a surprise.

For starters, call up to make a booking at this tiny restaurant in London’s Fitzrovia, and you’ll be disappointed. Barnyard has a strict no bookings policy; no tables booked months in advance, no sneaking the maitre d a little something extra to get bumped up the list. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can get a table at Barnyard. Simply turn up and be prepared to stand in line. As one of London best restaurants, the food at Barnyard is worth the wait.

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This no-frills approach to booking is only the start of what’s refreshing about Barnyard. The décor is laid-back and unpretentious. Railway sleepers and corrugated iron adorn the walls; indie folk and country music dominate the playlist; and the high tables with room for a party of six feel as if they were designed for sharing.

Behind the bar, men in plaid shirts and friendly smiles under their beards serve up local beers. The ambiance is rustic, welcoming and uncomplicated – an approach reflected in the menu.

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Homemade sausage roll, bubble and squeak and roast suckling pig; many of the hearty dishes served up at Barnyard are your typical country pub fare. But don’t be fooled, you don’t find food like this everywhere.

The menu is designed for ordering two or three dishes per person, with barn animals – pig, cow, lamb and chicken– being the main ingredients to keep in theme.

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Barnyard Restaurant London

We recommend the roast beef on toast. The smokiness of the beef paired with creamy buttermilk is exquisite, and the watercress adds a peppery overtone as well as a splash of color. The Broken Eggs perfect complement the more meaty dishes. The eggs are slow-cooked to buttery perfection before being mixed with the richly roasted mushrooms for a surprisingly intense burst of flavor.

Barnyard Restaurant London

For dessert, our favorite of Popcorn Ice Cream with Smoked Fudge Sauce may have just been trumped with the introduction of a new dessert, Milk curds with tarragon. This unique combination mixes velvety milk curds with tarragon for aniseed and vanilla overtones. The result is a spectacular dessert and an irresistibly moreish dish.

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It’s not just the food that’s keeps us coming back through. The bar is just as renowned for its interesting flavors. The creative shandy menu is the highlight and features some delicious additions not often found mixed with lager, like mandarin liqueur and sloe gin. The Barnyard Shandy is a firm favorite. Made with homemade lemonade, gin and ambro lager, this is the perfect accompaniment to a thoroughly refreshing dining experience.

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