Barracuda Point – Best Scuba Travel in Malaysia

Located to the northeast of Sipadan Island in Malaysia, Barracuda Point is regarded by some to be the best dive site in the world. Shore entries are possible, but a short 2-3 minute boat ride from Sipadan Beach will get you to this incredible site.

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The depth ranges from 5 to 40 meters. Although you only need to be qualified as Advanced Open Water, some dive charters recommend that this site is best limited to experienced divers with more than 50 dives who are comfortable swimming in a current. This is particularly true for areas to the north of Barracuda Point, where currents can be very strong.

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As the name suggests, this incredible dive location is renowned for the hundreds, even thousands, of barracuda that frequent these waters. Many fortunate divers have experienced the incredible ‘eye’ of an endemic barracuda tornado, when a shoal consisting of thousands of these fish swirl in a tornado-like formation.

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Although the star of the show is the barracuda, there are also many supporting acts that are no less impressive. One can see green turtles, angel sharks, black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, moray eels and a beautiful array of fish here. Barracuda Point also features a coral garden consisting of eye-catching hard and soft coral species.

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The dive generally starts at a drop off. After following the wall, you arrive at a small channel. This channel then leads to a canyon with a depth of approximately 27 meters. Here, the marine life is nothing short of spectacular. Just beyond the canyon, located at a depth of 30 meters is a large rock formation where the barracuda can be seen. Enormous sting rays and eagle rays are often spotted here too.

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