What to do in Bath on a Beautiful Day

The sparkling jewel in England’s crown and home to the world’s finest Roman spas, you can unwind in the warm waters of Bath, peruse the streets pretending to be Jane Austen, and fall in love as you gaze up at the splendid townhouses and over 5000 architectural gems that line these honey colored streets. Bath is a visual treat, a culinary delight and a spa lover’s dream come true.

If you are wondering what to do in Bath on a beautiful summer day, there’s an array of choices:

Catch a Rugby Match

When spring is starting to dance with summer, the weekends burst to life with the celebration of all things rugby or the clack of cricket bats out in the greens. Colorful banners and scarves stream from pub walls and the crowds congregate around TV screens to raise pints of dark bitter and cheer on the action. If you can’t beat them your best bet is to find a snug little corner in a pub, order up a delectable ploughman’s lunch and sip an ice cold Somerset dry cider.

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Image Source: By Patrick Subotkiewiez via Flickr

Park Strolls and Cream Cakes

As the afternoon draws close take a walk up to the quiet serenity of Prior Park, with no place for cars in sight you will find yourself in a tranquil oasis of green, the hallmark of the English countryside. The one-kilometer hike up a steep hill may seem like a chore, but the views of the iconic sweeping skyline at the top are worth every step you took. The rolling hills, the rare Palladian Bridge arcing over the babbling waters, the dense deep woodland walks and the 18th century airs sets the scene for a romantic stroll, a poetic escape and perhaps even a picnic on the lawn. Back down in the streets of the city you should seek out the giant sweet treats on offer at Sally Lunn’s Bunns. In the French refugees 15th century house you can stuff yourself senseless with a giant cream cake served with a dollop of tart sticky homemade jam.

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Image Source: By Saffron Blaze via Wikimedia Commons

Soak in the Spa

A stay in the fairytale city of Bath wouldn’t be complete without stopping to soak your bones in one of the Roman-inspired steam drenched spas. The New Royal Bath is perfect for the younger crowd who want to refresh in style before a night out on the town. Glass, stone, light, and water fuse together in this watery playground boasting an open-air rooftop pool encased in a veil of steam, offering incredible views over the chimneys and spires of the city. Inside you can find the curves and grand columns of the mineral rich, warm Minerva bath with its lazy river and bubbling jet seats to keep your spirits soothed. With four steam rooms, you can let the dizzying aromas of eucalyptus and lotus seep into your pores whilst the light mist of water spritzes your skin, energizing every muscle.

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Dinner at The Priory

For a delectable dinner of Michelin standards, you can book a table at The Priory and enjoy inspiring views over the ornate gardens. The tasting menu is something that draws on threads from the past and future and weaves them in with the present. Think South West rare beef, Cornish turbot cooked on the bone, whipped truffled brie and passion fruit sorbet. Walking back arm in arm with your loved one beneath the singing lights of the cathedral you cannot help but lose a little piece of yourself to beautiful Bath.

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Top Image Source: By Christophe.Finot via Wikimedia Commons

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