Beaches in Sicily: Blue Flag Bliss

From the second the words beaches in Sicily slips from your lips you are already dreaming of bright lemons, turquoise waters and the scent of crushed basil, sea salt and sweet flowing wine.

Sicily is brimming with old-world seaside charm, a place where lovers sit in the shade with quickly melting gelato, where barefooted children race across the sands, where white linen hangs above your head as you push through tiny tight-knit streets and where the yells of the morning market punctuate the air. Those seeking the ultimate Italian island break will find their pleasures rallied on the shores of Sicily.

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Mount Etna smokes and steams and is always imposing her view no matter where you stand, but the sight is arresting especially from the pastel parasol shade of the scattered shell beaches. The beaches in Sicily capture the very essence of blue flag beauty with smooth crescents of sheer white and calm sparkling waters inviting you to splash and swim until the sun goes down.

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Yet Sicily is more than your average beach getaway, when not stretched out on a sunbed catching up on the bestseller list you can take a tour of the Valley of the Temples, fill brown paper bags with cured meats, ripe cheeses, soft fruits and freshly baked breads at the markets of Palermo and visit the 4th century Villa Romana del Casale to tiptoe across the cool mosaic floors.

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Visitors can use the citrus shores of Sicily as a jumping off point to explore the Aeolian Islands and beyond. On the shores of Lampedusa, you can find Rabbit Beach which has been declared the best beach in the world ahead of the far-flung shores of Fiji and Australia by Trip Advisor.

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Image Source: By Figiu via Wikimedia Commons

The curve of clear turquoise caught between two golden cliffs is sure to make your breath catch in your throat as you admire clean white sands tempting you to run straight for the sweet slip of blue water.

Those seeking a Sicilian stay can sleep in rustic five-star beauty, walk for hours along the shores, peruse the markets and feast on Parmigiana di melanzane, fresh sardines plucked from the sea and lemon zested Cannoli filled with thick heady ricotta cheese.

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