Beautiful Sounds and Sights in Kuwait

For discerning travelers seeking whipped sea breezes, creative energy, old world art and an array of outdoor pleasures, Kuwait is a cornerstone of color and culture amidst the arid desert plains. Boasting Arabian nights flecked with sophisticated style, the riches of water and a sense of liberty that can be missing from some Middle Eastern shores, it seems Kuwait blends the best of both worlds. For centuries the pristine islands, combed beaches and lavish resorts tempted the Bedouin people from the dusty heart of the sand dunes into a world where bright souks brim with treasures and wooden dhows glide across the waters. Take a glimpse at the beautiful sounds and sights in Kuwait.

Failaka Island

History lovers will fall head over heels with the bounty of the Failaka Islands, hailed as a true archeological treasure in the midst of the turquoise Gulf. The shores are scattered with relics that can be traced back to the Bronze Age along with evidence that the Ancient Greeks used the island as one of their own playgrounds thanks to its incredible location at the mouth of the Gulfs trading routes. The Failaka Heritage Village welcomes you to a simple world, one where you can wander around the old style houses, take paddle boats out onto the glittering pond and explore the surrounding areas on camel back.

Failaka Island Kuwait

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Souk Mubarakiya

Exploring the souks in the Middle East are laced in romance and brimming with beautiful items to bring a splash of tactile joy to your world. This is certainly the case at the most lavish undercover markets of Kuwait in the famous sprawling Souk Mubarakiya. The scent of freshly brewed tea permeates the air from the courtyard where locals can be found crouching over coals with their kettles. Persian silk carpets, musky perfumes drenched in sweetness, honeyed dates and glimpses of gold and silver sweep across the tight corridors tempting you in with a sensory overload sent from heaven. On sultry summer days misty water fills the air keeping your skin kissed with coolness as you peruse the stalls.

Souk Mubarakiya Kuwait

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House of Mirrors

Surreal, sublime and soaked in reflective beauty – the house of mirrors is a rare artistic treat. As soon as you glimpse the building you will see an endless array of mosaics that capture the universe with stars, butterflies and planets. Tiptoe inside the home of famous Kuwaiti artist Khalifa Al-Qattan where every surface is adorned with colorful shards of broken glass curating dazzling pictures and rooms are designed to reflect certain themes. Down in the darkened chamber you can be immersed in art therapy with soft music, the walls bright with paintings and a ceiling dedicated to the nucleus of the galaxy.

House of Mirrors Kuwait

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Green Island

When the city sights start to cloud your eyes and you need time to rest and refuel surrounded by verdant greenery, rioting colors and soft sands to sink your toes into -then Green Island is one of the best places to relax. Family fun is everywhere on the island but for those seeking a slice of serenity you can rent bicycles and explore, bathe in the cool lagoon and picnic on fresh dates, Tabbouleh, soft bread and dollops of garlicky hummus. The impressive amphitheater is another spectacular sight and sometimes offers impromptu open air concerts where under the breath of starlight you can listen to Arabian music drift softly through the night.

Tareq Rajab Museum

Awaken your senses with this sublime collection of over thirty thousand artistic items housed in the large villa of Kuwait’s first minister of antiquities. Rich ornate doors, silvery musical instruments from a fairytale, jewels for Nepalese goddesses, Bahraini pearls, rare Arabic manuscripts and 19th century paintings all add to this living treasure trove. You can spend hours browsing the beauties housed within and discovering the riches of the Middle East and the exotic world.

Tareq Rajab Museum Kuwait

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