Belmond British Pullman – London’s Best City Escape

From bullet trains to aeroplanes, nowadays people want to travel fast. But in the 1920s, when trains were the most fashionable form of transport, the luxury was in taking your time. Smoke filled platforms, plush interiors, porters ready to take your coat and bags; has there ever been a more glamorous way to travel? The luxury trains of the early twentieth century captured the imagination of the world. Featured in iconic film scenes and found on the pages of great literature, for those who could afford it, an adventure by rail was the only way to travel.

Adventure on the Luxury Trains of the Belmond British Pullman 1

The Belmond British Pullman perfectly evokes this golden age of train travel. Some of the trains are still steam-powered and the carriages, dating back as far as 1925, each has their unique story to tell. Some were used by the British Royal Family; others survived the London Blitz during WW2. And with plush armchairs, polished silverware and tables dressed in crisp linen, these carriages live up to their reputation of being “palaces on wheels”.

Stepping aboard the Belmond British Pullman is like stepping back in time. A smartly dressed steward meets you on the platform. With a smile, they welcome you aboard and will remain at your service throughout your journey.

Belmond British Pullman Train Journey

On the platform and in the engine room it’s all action. Whistles blow, coal is shoveled into the roaring fire pit, and with the sound of wheels on metal rails the train chugs out of the station. Inside your carriage, however, the only sound is the chatter of good-natured conversation and the clinking of champagne glasses. Outside your window, the verdant British countryside rushes past – your adventure has begun.

Adventure on the Luxury Trains of the Belmond British Pullman 3

Not long into your journey, the mouthwatering aroma of gourmet food begins to drift into your carriage. Dining on the Belmond British Pullman takes you on a gastronomic adventure as you speed your way across Britain. Featuring local produce sourced from the countryside you travel through, the dishes served on the Belmond Pullman are a delight to the senses. From fresh fish cooked to perfection to succulent duck leg falling off the bone, the mix of classic and innovative modern dishes is sure impress.

Adventure on the Luxury Trains of the Belmond British Pullman 4

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