Best Airlines for Long Haul Flights

Luxury travel can sometimes become a nightmare. Interminable hours on board an aircraft, lack of food choices, not much entertainment, delays and hitches – the problems often deter people from the idea of long haul flights. But it doesn’t need to be so. By selecting the right airline, it is possible to avoid such troubles.

Focus on the three ‘C’s – Comfort, Convenience and Cost – when it comes to choosing an airline for long haul flights. Meanwhile, here is an update on some of the airlines that made long haul flights much more enjoyable for the fliers.

Emirates Airline Website


Skytrax named this the ‘World’s Best Airline’ at the 2013 World Airline Awards. And there’s a reason for this. The airline combines punctuality, efficiency and expediency of service with the best possible in-flight luxuries for fliers, be it the flat-bed seats, entertainment options, private suites with shower spas or exclusive meals.

Virgin Atlantic Airline Website

Virgin Atlantic

Comfy seats with plenty of legroom, meal plan choices, host of in-flight entertainment options, and other advantages make this airline ideal for extended journeys. Add to it the convenient schedule, efficient service and expedient luggage management, and you have the perfect airline for your long distance trip.

Singapore Airlines  Website

Singapore Airlines

Clean and comfortable interiors, good food and great in-flight entertainment doesn’t let you down on a long haul flight. But what makes the airline stand out is its crew. The efficient and friendly staff ensures that you have a nice journey on board the airbuses.

Air New Zealand Website

Air New Zealand

When you have the option to sit and watch your favorite movie, have a dinner with delicious dishes and sleep on a flat-bed made up like the one at home, what more can you want? Well, along with all these, the airline also ensures a speedy and safe journey to your destination without a delay.

Qantas Airline Website


The best advantage of choosing the airline for long distance journeys is their reputation of departing and arriving on time. The aircrafts operated are nice and cozy. The in-flight food and entertainment choices are adequate to keep you comfortable throughout the flight.

British Airways  Website

British Airways

With airbuses designed to offer maximum luxury, this airline ensures you don’t fret due to lack of space. Prepared and presented in an impressive manner, the food delights your senses. And you have the option to choose in-flight entertainment beforehand. The Executive Club Membership Program is advantageous too.

Cathay Pacific  Website

Cathay Pacific

Skytrax World Airline Awards 2013 felicitated the airline with the title of the ‘World’s Best Cabin Staff’. You can pretty well understand the quality of the service you can avail of on board a flight. Favored for the convenience and comfort the airline offers, it is also one eco-friendly brand to look up to.

Air France  Website

Air France

From chick flicks to action and adventures, the in-flight movie choice is quite extensive. From a comfortable economy class to a calm upper deck, the seat options are numerous. From a selection of cheeses to a glass of French wine, the food is excellent. What more do you need to make your journey a memorable one?

KLM Airlines Website


Offering maximum ease of bookings, ticket issuance and check-in choices, the airline connects almost all key regions of the world to the Netherlands via comfortable and cost-effective long haul flights. The professional and friendly crew ensures that you are well supplied with everything you need to make your flight a pleasant one.

Thai Airways  Website

Thai Airways

If convenience is your priority, this is the right choice for you. With its efficient and punctual service and superb schedule, a long haul flight doesn’t seem to be a bothersome thing. And the promotional offers available from the website also make it quite a cost-effective option too.

With a little research, it is possible to find an airline that offers the best experience for long distance fliers. And you can also take advantage of the promotional offers and programs available to add to the luxuries of your leisure trip.

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