Best Islands in the South Pacific for a Luxury Escape

The cloying scent of vanilla, swimming with the gentle giants of the sea and luxury beach houses perched on stilts above misty azure waters makes the South Pacific an incredible paradise that suspends belief. Boasting famous greats like the Galapagos and Bora Bora, the sweetened South Pacific has long been hailed as the ultimate honeymoon destination. With endless spas fit for Tahitian kings, French Polynesian flavors that seduce the tongue and lavish luxury resorts laced with marble and silk, it’s no wonder the South Pacific seems to be calling. For those obeying the song of paradise these are the best islands in the South Pacific for a dreamy escape.


Nature’s favorite paradise is a world where animals both big and small live in harmony upon the sands and this is what you get with the glory of the Galapagos. Balmy temperatures abound across the calm mirrored waters, turtles slowly trundle down to the shore and oversized iguanas watch you from their sun warmed rock, thus starts another day in the Galapagos. Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, watch rare wildflowers burst in the spring and stand on the remote shores that nudge the equator. This island is the ultimate for wildlife safaris where you can see rare creatures in the sky and on the shore, pass under the fiery breath of volcanoes and be enchanted by the famous blue footed boobies.

Best Islands in the South Pacific Galapagos

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The Garden Island is as close as you can get to an untapped Polynesian paradise. The never-ending colors of emerald and topaz seem to blur and the scent of pale vanilla orchards and banana groves spill down the mountainside to fall into the sea. Huahine is two islands fused together and both offer the same secretive mysteries and lavish luxuries that soak a Polynesian experience in pleasure. You can listen to the local legends that steep the lands, spend fiery sunrise mornings surfing on the waves, take a horseback ride through the thickets of forest and sleep in sheer bliss at the royal retreats that adorn the shimmering white sands.

Best Islands in the South Pacific Huahine

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Laucala Island lives and breathes a private idyllic stay with every luxury close to hand. Amidst a dramatic landscape of volcanoes, deserted stretches of sand, dense jungle alive with the sounds of nature and rainbow colored reefs you can find divine Fiji style villas scattered across the lagoons and slopes. Sipping vintage wines beneath the flowering stars, dining by design on your own private jetty and teeing off on one of paradises most perfect 18 hole golf courses is just one way to spend the day. Sink into regal spa bliss with signature scents and treatments at the spa, embrace exploration with an outrigger canoe on the waters and meander through the organic gardens farms and gardens, this is Fiji and its nothing short of perfect.

Best Islands in the South Pacific Laucala


You can find the jewel in the crown of the Kingdom of Tonga with a trip to the island dream of Vava’u. This is one of the only places you can swim with humpback whales, these secretive creatures of the sea are divine in their majesty and few have the pleasure of getting up close. When immersing yourself in the pleasures of Vava’u you can dive into the deep and swim in the whale nursery. Yet there is more to this South Pacific beauty than whales, you can take part in evocative Tongan feasts, walk around the island with the natives, splash in the freshwater caves and spend days lounging in the luxury of your own private yacht.

Best Islands in the South Pacific Vava'u

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Hailed as an island whose beauty is beyond language and a revered playground for Tahitian Kings, Tetiaroa is also Marlon Brando’s own private island. Few have the pleasure of setting foot on the silky slips of sand but those who make it to this island of dreams are sure to be blown away by the riches of history, the color soaked surroundings and the endless celebration of wealth and style. You can sleep in exquisite villas bedecked in natural materials and with outdoor bathtubs for sinking in beneath the stars. You can take Polynesian dance lessons, practice yoga during the dawn and paddleboard away into the endless shades of blue. This is an island all about you and finding the essence of relaxation.

Best Islands in the South Pacific Tetiaroa


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