Best of Barbados: Top 10 Sights

Beyond those dazzling hotels and the sandy paradise beaches, Barbados is an easy island to navigate, so there are lots of places to go and explore.

But when you want to catch a glimpse of the best of Barbados, here are some of the top places you mustn’t miss to visit on this sun-soaked isle.

Best of Barbados: Andromeda Botanical Gardens

This leafy heaven in St Joseph offers the perfect way to explore the spectacular and diverse wildlife of Barbados. Spread across six acres on the island’s east coast, visitors can take self-guided tours and discover cacti, orchids and an array of vibrant exotic flowers.

Best of Barbados Andromeda Botanical Gardens

Image Source: By Mat Can via Flickr

One of the most spectacular sights is the Bearded Fig Tree. You might spot hummingbirds darting in the air and the island’s green monkeys too.

Best of Barbados: Sunbury Plantation House

For a taste of the Caribbean’s history, this elegant 17th Century House in St Philip is among the most fascinating places to go.

Best of Barbados Sunbury Plantation House

Image Source: By Charlie Dave via Flickr

Tours of the rooms reveal elegant four-poster beds, traditional planters chairs and antiques reminiscent of the island’s colonial past. Visit on a Sunday and savour its famous Bajan buffet which will impress the most discerning of diners.

Best of Barbados: Mount Gay Rum Distillery

Rum has been produced in Barbados for three centuries, so the famous distillery is one of the island’s most popular places to visit. Take one of the informative tours and you’ll learn about the distillation and ageing techniques, plus hone your skills in the art of rum tasting.

Best of Barbados Mount Gay Rum Distillery

Best of Barbados: Huntes Gardens

Pack your camera and a sense of adventure if you visit this spectacular spot in the Caribbean rainforest. Filled with winding jungle-like paths, it’s a place to discover rare plants and be at one with nature.

Best of Barbados Huntes Gardens

Anthony Hunte created this oasis and is behind the classical music that drifts in between the gardens, giving the place a beguiling spiritual vibe. If he’s around, you might find yourself enjoying a lesson in horticulture with him, with a cooling glass of rum punch in your hand.

Best of Barbados: Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre

Barbados is a premier destination for boutique shopping, especially if you’re staying on the fashionable Platinum Coast. Be sure to spend an afternoon at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in the upscale Holetown. You’ll find designer labels like Hugo Boss and Burberry, plus an abundance of luxury boutiques stores.

Best of Barbados Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

Best of Barbados: Harrisons Cave

This is one of Barbados’ most visited sights and you will see why when you take an hour long train through a series of stalagmite and stalactite-filled caves.

Best of Barbados Harrisons Cave

You’ll hear the trickling of subterranean streams and waterfalls and the crevices are lit up in different ways. You can’t help but be enchanted by its otherworldly feel.

Best of Barbados: Welchman Hall Gully

A nutmeg walk, giant baobab trees and native palms are just some of the spectacular natural features that lure visitors to this serene spot in St Thomas. And it’s a must-see sight if you’re stopping by nearby Harrisons Cave.

Best of Barbados Welchman Hall Gully

Named after a Welsh man who developed this haven from a former sugar plantation, you can guarantee you’ll be walking amidst beautiful flora and fauna that dates back more than 200 years.

Best of Barbados: Animal Flower Cave

For a taste of the lesser explored Barbados, this natural wonder in the northernmost parish of St Lucy is the only sea cave on the whole island. It’s so-called because of the sea anemones you’ll find here amongst the rock pools which they call ‘animal flowers’ in the West Indies. It’s also a spot for watching the crashing Atlantic waves and taking in sensational sea views.

Best of Barbados Animal Flower Cave

Best of Barbados: Garrison Savannah Race Track

Combine an exhilarating day at the races with a glimpse of the Caribbean’s British colonial past. Horse racing has been enjoyed on the island since 1845 and is a great place to experience one of the Caribbean’s much-loved sports. This historic military base is where you’ll also find the historic St Ann’s Fort and Matthias Church.

Best of Barbados Garrison Savannah Race Track

Best of Barbados: Oistins Fish Fry

This local fishing village offers a fantastic insight into local life as it’s where locals gather to let their hair down and celebrate the start of the weekend on a Friday night. Take an early evening visit and enjoy fresh, barbecued seafood, cups of rum and pulsating reggae beats. It’s a no-frills, laid-back setting but is one of the best places to go for an authentic Caribbean party, which is better known here as a ‘lime’.

Best of Barbados Oistins Fish Fry

Image Source: By Dan Costin via Flickr

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