Big Smoke Burger – Toronto Flavours in New York City

The Toronto-based Big Smoke Burger chain opened its first New York City restaurant in July, bringing handcrafted burgers, traditional poutine and Canadian beer to the Chelsea neighborhood. Founded in 2007, Big Smoke Burger has restaurants in the U.S., Canada and the Middle East, with its thirteenth location now in NYC.

The casual Chelsea restaurant has an outdoor patio and a bar that sells a range of beers, including St. Ambroise, a seasonal Quebec beer.

Toronto-Based Big Smoke Burger Opens First New York City Location 1

Big Smoke Burger sources fresh Canadian ingredients, serves only Ontario AAA beef and makes their handcrafted burgers daily with quality ingredients.

Diners can choose from a variety of burgers, including the popular classic burger – a six ounce charbroiled patty, tomato, lettuce, pickles, red onion, ketchup, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. Also on the menu are 10 signature burgers topped with homemade sauces.

“Between the specialty burgers, poutine and reasonable prices, we offer something different than any other burger chain in New York City,” says Mustafa Yusuf, president, Big Smoke Burger Canada.

Pictured below is the specialty lamb burger, made with fresh, delicious ground local lamb, tomato, lettuce and a homemade cilantro-feta spread that’s a mix of cilantro, feta, jalapenos, salt, pepper and lemon. The spread adds a unique, tangy and flavorful taste to the burger.

Toronto-Based Big Smoke Burger Opens First New York City Location 2

Big Smoke Burger offers common sides with your burger – French fries, onion rings, mixed greens – along with traditional poutine with real Ontario cheese curds and gravy. This French-Canadian specialty isn’t as common in the U.S., especially at burger joints, but it’s a popular side to have with your meal at this restaurant.

Toronto-Based Big Smoke Burger Opens First New York City Location 3

Big Smoke Burger plans to open their next restaurants in Chicago and Troy, Michigan.

Big Smoke Burger

Address: 70 7th Avenue New York City, New York Website:

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