Blancfleet: Crowdfunding the Supercar Experience

Sitting behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron may seem like a distant dream when the world’s most luxurious supercar has a two million price tag attached to it but what if we told you that for a mere eight hundred dollars you could take the ride of your life?

With the innovative launch of Blancfleet, the world’s first supercar crowdfunding platform you can now tear up the streets of New York City in style. The concept is simple – car lovers, speed demons and those looking to dabble in supercar excitement all pledge an hourly rate to drive the car of their dreams. Once the money has been raised, BlancFleet purchases the supercar, and those who have pledged get to finally live the supercar experience.

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A vanishing act of pure precision

Beautiful supercars and Blancfleet seem to go hand in hand; from the sleek and sexy Lamborghini to the fast and furious Ferrari, the sharp and elegant Nissan GT-R and la crème de la crème – the breathtaking Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti Veyron is a magic act of godly design, dazzling beauty and powerful acceleration that allows you to vanish on the horizon seconds after putting your foot down. Everything about the world’s most famous supercar is sheer perfection, you can cruise in luxury comfort, you can fly out onto the open roads and you can embrace corners with complete ease.

Bruce Wayne style and the Bugatti

The Big Apple is the perfect place to test out the beauty of the Bugatti. As the bright city lights turn on their iconic charm you can make a head turning statement parading in the most revered supercar of the century. Whether you rock up at the hottest club in town or take to the fancy of flying across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset to watch the city unfold in front of you, you will feel on top of the world with colours of James Bond and Bruce Wayne illuminating your style. Creep down Park Avenue and curve around Central Park, pull up outside the Waldorf to make an appearance before heading out on the freeway to test the prowess all the way to New Jersey.

Blancfleet Crowdfunding the Supercar Experience 2

Fiery Ferraris

Yet it’s not only the Bugatti that can turn heads in NYC, those who want to experience power, pizzazz and a car that looks like a crafted work of art will fall head over heels with a ride in the Ferrari 458 Italia. A less than seventy dollar pledge with Blancfleet will have you careening through New York City in this fiery beast that will get your pulse racing for all the right reasons.

Take a drive on the wild side

Cool the fires with a ride in the graceful Lamborghini Gallardo for only a fistful of dollars pledged to Blancfleet. The perfectly pieced together automobile looks like a dream, drives like a dream and has wild exotic feel about it that is easy to get addicted to. Inspired by fighter jet style and with enough speed and power to beat a field full of wild stallions, New York City will never seem so accessible and like an adult’s playground then when behind the wheel of the lavish Lamborghini Gallardo.

Blancfleet Crowdfunding the Supercar Experience 3

Kick your bucket list

Blancfleet is truly offering supercar lovers the chance to live their dream, to kick their bucket list and to experience the raw power of the best that can be found in the automobile industry. For a fraction of the price, you can take to the streets and bask in the glory of driving a supercar complete with insurance and everything you need to enjoy the ride of your life in this ultimate luxury experience.

Pledge a few hours or even a fey day with BlancFeet to crowdfund the supercar experience.

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