Bloom Forest Spa – Idyllic Indulgence

As part of the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve near Hermanus, Bloom Forest Spa enjoys an idyllic location nestled between the mountains and the ocean. The beautiful natural setting creates an ambiance of tranquillity that defies everything but the ultimate relaxation. And there’s no better way to enhance your sense of relaxation and rejuvenation by indulging in a pampering treatment or two at a luxurious spa.

Bloom Forest Spa at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve 1

Grootbos actually has two complete spa facilities. Therefore, you can choose to enjoy a relaxing treatment in deluxe spa facilities, in the comfort of your own suite or, for something a little different, in the ancient milkwood forest.

The Bloom Beauty Spa is conveniently located near the luxury accommodation of the Garden Lodge. However, if the idea of the forest is alluring, then it would be best to opt for Bloom Forest Spa, which is set amongst the trees near the Forest Lodge. You can either have a treatment in the spa, which has expansive windows and a deck, or choose to have an outdoor treatment under the forest canopy.

Bloom Forest Spa at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve 2

Because I was staying at the Forest Lodge, it made sense for me to go to the Bloom Forest Spa. The minimalist decor focuses on the use of white and pale wood. The large glass sliding doors blur the distinction between the outdoors and the indoors by providing views of the forest immediately surrounding the spa. It was incredible to be listening to birdsong and the wind rustling through the surrounding milkwood trees as I descended into a deep level of relaxation.

Bloom Forest Spa at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve 3

There is a wide range of treatments from which to choose, including reflexology, shiatsu, and massage. I opted for a full body massage for complete rejuvenation from top to toe. My masseur, Mirko Haering, is a German trained reflexologist, masseur and martial arts instructor. The massage consisted of a combination of classic and Swedish massage. Different techniques were used to relax my muscles and bring a sense of balance to my being.

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As I lay there, I could sense that specific knots and areas of tension were identified and massaged. The pressure was firm enough to induce maximum relaxation without causing the slightest discomfort. The end result was a massage that was uniquely customised to address my body’s specific needs.

In fitting with a luxury eco-tourism location, Bloom Forest Spa only uses local natural products of the highest quality. In this way, no matter where you choose to have your treatment, the healing power of nature is automatically incorporated into your treatment of choice.

Bloom Forest Spa at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve 5

Bloom Forest Spa offers something special. It is not just the professional and accommodating service. It is being able to relax and unwind whilst enjoying luxurious treatments in the most beautiful of natural settings. It’s a winning recipe by anyone’s standards.

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