Bombay Brasserie London: Fine Indian Dining

It takes a special place in the capital city to hold on to its prestigious title for over thirty years and this is exactly what the Bombay Brasserie London has been doing. Its little sister Quilon may be all about the coconut coastal favorites of the southern belt, but this is a place that practices regal cuisine with spices, flavors and inspirations collected from the corners of Parsi, Goan, Bengali, and Raj. This is a place that invites you to sit at the table and to dine on ancient recipes that once adorned the tables of emperors and in high-class Kensington, this seems quite fitting.

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The décor inside the main dining room is subtle with a divine twist of sheer elegance. Creams and polished woods blend beautifully, tables are decked in white linen, glasses gleam and if you cast a gaze towards the heavens you are greeted with the elaborate sparkle of chandeliers that seem to have been plucked from the ceilings of Buckingham Palace.

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Start your journey into distant lands with a drink at the Bombay bar, on chilly nights the central fireplace is ablaze and the perfect place to sink down into a plush armchair with a drink in hand. Whether it’s top shelf whiskey, vintage wine or a delectable cocktail, the ambiance is nothing short of inviting. The mango and chili mojito brings the heat back to your lips and the Bombay Breeze house special plays on its heels of fresh tamarind shaken with gin and muddled with sweet and sour magic.

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The taster menu pulls out all the stops ensuring that discerning diners get to taste all the best plates that could ever be whisked out of the kitchen. Perfectly portioned plates bring all the colors of the east together in a fragrant display of culinary creativity that will leave you gasping.

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The Palak Patta chaat calls on the crispiest fried baby spinach to melt in the mouth, especially when served with creamy yogurt and an exotic date and tamarind chutney. The pan fried masala sea bass comes from as far as the seas of Chile and is tempered with the sweetest masala spices before being delivered to the table on a bed of spinach and mushrooms.

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One of the darkest and divinely delicious dishes has to be the tandoori raan in which braised lamb shanks are simmered in black cumin, a dash of vinegar and the sweetness of cinnamon. Non-meat eaters are sure to be satiated by the delights of the Dal Tadka, which calls on the award-winning trio of cumin, garlic, and chili to brighten the golden yellow lentils. The potato roast with its citrus notes of ginger and lime add a hint of freshness to the palate and the Peshawar naan is the perfect edible spoon for mopping everything up at the end of the show.

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Finish with a trio of desserts and cleanse the palate with a fresher than spring rain raspberry chocolate almond halwa and a gloriously thick and sweet malai kulfi. There is no doubt that Chef Prahlad Hegde is the real deal, having trained in the kitchens of the homelands where these dishes first graced the bill. Authentic, austere and truly amazing – the Bombay Brasserie serves Indian style with supreme elegance.

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