Bora Bora Activities: Snorkeling and Hibiscus

Rub the grains of sleep from your eyes and look again, the Bora Bora activities are awaiting you on this a veritable heaven on Earth, with its cyan blue waters, powder pearl sands and thatched cottages standing on stilts scattered across the lagoon. This is one of the most exotic and well-loved islands in the whole of the South Pacific and honeymooners flock to hide away in the luxury villas, walk barefoot beneath a heavy moon and sip champagne with their feet grazing the cool hues of blue.

Bora Bora Activities Snorkeling

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The garden of heavenly delights is found close to the soft shores of Tahiti, as soon as you set foot on the island the dizzying scent of hibiscus rolls down the green cloaked mountains to dance with the salt water. Giant rays and glittering fish teem in the waters and as many of the over water bungalows boast glass floors you can watch them pass by as you sip a fresh morning coffee with a dash of true Tahitian vanilla.

Bora Bora Activities Snorkeling 2

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You could spend hours on Bora Bora gazing at the waters but the best thing to do is to dive right in. as soon as the morning sun glazes the turquoise waters you can jump in off your own private deck. With an underwater oasis at your feet make sure that you grab a snorkel mask and dive down to see the friendly sharks, angelic rays and scores of rainbow pattered fish nibbling on the bright coral. Local boutiques, high class restaurants and chic spas offering ancient tropical remedies adorn the island meaning that you can choose to explore to your hearts content or simply sip a Bloody Mary and dream away the day.

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There’s a reason this pocket of paradise is hailed as the romance capital of the world, nowhere else can you switch off and fully disconnect. Mornings are spent lingering in over sized white beds and brunching on your private deck, afternoons hiking the pristine jungles and exploring the sandy islands scattered like pearls along the coast. When the stars ripple wild and untamed in the velvet sky you can dine on fresh fish soaked in coconut milk and watch the hypnotic fire dances performed upon the ghostly white sands.

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