Botanique Spa -Boutique Hotel & Spa in Campos do Jordao, Brazil

Botanique Spa is the ultimate in luxury and indulgence. Charter a helicopter from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo to visit this wellness centre in Campos do Jordão. It’s a step above any other spa in South America.

Campos do Jordão is a Swiss-style town that lies 180km northeast of Sao Paulo high in the green peaks of Serra da Mantiqueira. One of the most loved mountain getaways in Brazil, Campos do Jordão is particularly popular during the winter. It offers wonderful restaurants and hotels and quaint timber frame architecture.

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The up-market district of Capivari is the place to see and be seen. There you will find the Baden Baden brewery and restaurant, great hotels, stylish boutiques and interesting shops.

The Botanique Spa is a visionary project and a rejuvenating retreat. The spa comprises of eight specialized treatment rooms (four each for wet and dry treatments), relaxation rooms, a floating chamber, a sauna with a rain shower, an indoor isotonic pool and an outdoor pool.

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Floor to ceiling glass walls allow you to look out on the lush semi-tropical rain forest while a professional masseur transports you into a world of tranquility.

Beautiful turquoise artworks and sculptures fashioned from reclaimed wood enhance the aesthetic pleasures of Botanique Spa. Nothing comes close to the sheer unadulterated luxury that this spa has to offer.

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Even the oils that are used at the spa are unique and special: a local aromatherapy professor created and blended 28 scents using ingredients from the nearby mountains. Choose from a range from treatments, from ones that utilize a modern approach to more traditional Afro-Brazilian and native Indian healing and relaxation rituals.

Indulge in one of the more traditional treatments such as The Botanique. This consists of a skilled masseur playing your body like a traditional tribal drum, leaving you almost numb with bliss.

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If you prefer a more modern approach, try the floatation treatment where you float in a saltwater tub whilst immersing yourself in a film of calming natural scenes that is projected onto the ceiling.

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No matter your specific preferences, Botanique Spa is guaranteed to meet your approval. Give in to the intoxicating treatments and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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