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Even though at times Romania may struggle to put the finishing touches on luxury when it comes to the five-star world, the old city of Brasov doesn’t come short of charm. Nestled against the challenging slopes of the Carpathians in a leafy wonder of auburns and reds, Brasov delivers medieval magic, dark historical tales and fine dining full of local delights. Travelers can bask in the warmth of the pretty pensions, take a trip to nearby Transylvania and swirl sweet white wines with roasted deer thigh in this glorious neck of the woods.

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Brunch at Chocolat

Start the day on a delicious high note with a beautiful brunch at Chocolat. This sweet toothed paradise boasts beautifully presented coffees, luscious thick hot chocolates, designer infused teas and a smorgasbord of delights. Peering in through the large glass window and admiring the rows of sugar dusted macaroons, bright pastries and devilishly dark chocolate cakes is the perfect way to linger on the old street and watch the world go by.

Brasov Discover Its Boutique Old World Charm Chocolat

Explore Medieval Gems

Meander through the cobbled streets of the old town, linger over sheep skin rugs and handcrafted delights at the local market and cram your way through the narrowest alley in Europe. Creep into the famous black church which burnt to the ground in 1689 leaving the walls ash black with cinders. Inside you will find a blend of baroque and gothic architecture worthy of admiration. Climb the trails to the Rasnov Fortress and breathe in the fragrant mountain fresh air and sweeping panoramic views. Those wanting to get even higher can take a ride up the Tempah Mountain to dizzying heights and the rare chance to spot brown bears nosing through the forest floors.

Brasov Discover Its Boutique Old World Charm Rasnov Fortress

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Take a Trip to Bran

One of the highlights of the area and a major draw for tourists is the haunting beauty of Brans Castle. World famous for being the home of the terrifying Vlad, the Impaler; this is the man who inspired Bram Stokers Dracula and a thousand more nightmarish tales to send a shiver down your spine. The medieval castle is eerily stunning and the sweeping grounds sit surrounded by golden green hills and traditional Romanian houses where chirping chickens can be found wandering the streets.

Brasov Discover Its Boutique Old World Charm Brans Castle

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Dinner at Sergiana

Visitors excited to try true Romanian cuisine in an inspirational setting should book a table at Sergiana. Down the stairs you enter a long dining room bathed in cream, dark wooden tables, soft lighting and traditional décor. The wine list boasts rare gems from the neighboring region and the menu will have your mouth watering before you even flick through the first pages. Order rural sour soups and house bread to satiate your curiosity before moving on to tender pink pork loins stuffed with goats cheese, aromatic rich stewed cabbage and seasonal apples stuffed to the brim with sweet cheese and baked.

Brasov Discover Its Boutique Old World Charm Sergiana

Chambers Charm

For an overnight stay in Brasov when it comes to top end luxury there may be slim pickings but the Chambers Charm Hotel rings true to its name. Old iron beds, beautiful wooden beams and a hint of French joie de vive echoes in the Provence Room. Free standing tubs and Turkish baths are perfect for end of the day pampering and you can enjoy a fresh morning coffee on the elegant balcony overlooking the rustic countryside.

Brasov Discover Its Boutique Old World Charm Chambers Charm Hotel

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