Brasserie Chavot London: Class and Charm

Who doesn’t love a little Je ne sais qui that only a beautiful French bistro in the heart of London can bring? The stars certainly have seemed to fall for the charm of the Brasserie Chavot London, a place where it isn’t out of the ordinary to see politicians, models and singers all falling at the feet of authentic French chef Eric Chavot.

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Chavot, the chef not the restaurant, has long been carving his name into the scene when it comes to fine food, and whilst he may have perfected his repertoire in places where noses were turned high and white gloves weren’t just something belonging to the fables of Lewis Carol, the Brasserie Chavot London is far from stuffy. The cool tiled floor, the occasional chandelier, the art nouveau grace, and the waiters seamlessly gliding without a harrumph in sight, all makes for a refreshing ambience whether caught in the tangle of love or simply out to toast a new business venture.

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The food is every bit as charming in its French style as you could wish for, sometimes arriving without the frills but always arriving filled to the brim with delectable flavor. Starting with the Waldorf salad served with spicy pecan nuts brings just the right amount of crunch to a dish that is bountiful in its sweet crunchy apples, slightly bitter celery and light whipped mayo dressing.

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To follow the fillet de sea bass served with ratatouille Nicoise blends the flavors of the salt surf sea with the summer glaze of the garden. Fish so tender and pale it falls from the fork and a medley of vegetables caramelized to bring out their shy natural sweetness and tossed with garlic and tangy capers. Every bite resounded in the flash and the flair of sleepy Mediterranean summers, fishing boats bobbing in the port and checkered tablecloths billowing in the breeze.

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Nothing can beat a beautiful finish of an honest to god lemon tart, bright in its smile and clean on the tongue. The baked lemon filling felt like floating on air and the pastry shell was as smooth as butter in a way that cloyed lovingly as soon as it touched the tongue.

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Throughout the escapade through the French summer feast carried to the table the sommelier stood out from the crowd. Born in Seoul and raised in Sweden, the sommeliers passion for pure fine wines is almost palatable as he skims the menu with you, pours the perfect cup and winds his knowledge like a ribbon around your wrist in a way that truly delights and inspires.

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Brasserie Chavot is the perfect escape when the humdrum of London living is getting you down and you simply don’t have time to dive across to Paris to soak up the romance. Lashings of good wine, rich heavenly food swimming in European flair, chandeliers weeping crystal tears and the low murmur of music paired with supremely elegant and non-invasive service. Brasserie Chavot is the type of place where you can pick and choose your own level of intimacy and where class and charm come a cut above the rest.

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