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Easter in Greece is an experience in itself, a time of spiritual awakening and cultural enlightenment. Easter celebrations vary throughout the country, from the mainland to the mountains and the Aegean all the way to the Ionian Sea where there is always something spectacular to look out for. This Easter let’s sail through the Ionian Sea and visit the largest of the Ionian Islands, the mesmerizing island of Kefalonia.

Natural beauty and historical grandeur go hand in hand through the picturesque villages, the sprawling valleys, the verdant mountains and the emerald waters of the sea. Emerging from a fusion of lush greenery and azure waters the scenic village of Assos offers the perfect place for your Easter escape.

Imposing yet seductive the captivating Braunis Chorio Villas in Kefalonia charmingly adorn this fairy setting with an extra dash of luxury and refinement welcoming prominent guests to follow the rituals of the Holy Week in an atmosphere made of dreams. So, let’s follow our dreams as the Passion Week unfolds day by day in the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

 Braunis Chorio Villas

Reach Kefalonia

There are daily flights to the island of Kefalonia from the international airport of Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos as well as charter flights from many European countries. The island of Kefalonia can also be reached by ferry from the ports of Astakos, Patra and Kyllini as well as most of the Ionian islands.

Day 1-

Holy Monday

As soon as you reach this beautiful island of the Ionian region arrange your transfer to Braunis Chorio Villas and unwind in the lavish environment of your own luxury villa. Step outside on your sun kissed veranda and breathe in the sea breeze while gazing at the majestic scenery unfolding before your eyes. Immerse in the crystalline waters of the pool and release all tension as you are about to step into the leisurely pace of island life. The Holy Week has just began and you are free to spend the entire day just absorbing the beauty of your surroundings. Welcome to Kefalonia!

 Braunis Chorio Villas

Day 2-

Holy Tuesday

Wake to the view of the pacifying sea and get ready to visit the island’s capital, the beautiful town of Argostoli. If fasting is not the scenario for you, make sure to try the scrumptious “krasato” and “kreatopita” specialties at a seaside tavern accompanied by local Robola wine. As the sun begins to shadow it is almost time to attend the one of a kind liturgy at the holy metropolitan temple in Argostoli during which the island’s men choir will be singing the psalm of Kassiani. Following the liturgy a seaside walk under the star kissed sky will lift your spirit even higher.

Day 3-

Holy Wednesday

This is a wonderful day to set off for an island excursion, visit the astonishing Myrtos beach situated only 10 km from Braunis Chorio, the picturesque village of Fiscardo (20 km), the mesmerizing Drogarati Cave and dare to dive into the emerald waters of Melissani Cave, visit the monastery of Agios Gerasimos and the famous Katavothres. After such an exciting day a relaxing cocktail by the pool is all you may desire.

Braunis Chorio Villas in Kefalonia

Day 4-

Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday you may attend the liturgy of the 12 gospels at the churches of Archangelos, Aghios Spiridon and the Metropolis. The local housewives begin the preparations for Easter Sunday, baking the “tsoureki”, a sweet brioche specialty and dying the red eggs symbolizing rebirth. This is a beautiful day to walk in nature, to visit the picturesque villages nearby and get into the spirit of the holy season.

Day 5-

Good Friday

On Good Friday you can visit many of the island’s churches and monasteries and marvel the epitaphs, the symbolic biers of Christ that have been adorned with flowers by the women and daughters of the island. Follow the procession of the epitaph during the evening and watch how the thousand lit candles carried by the pilgrims lent their light to the atmosphere creating the most mystical environment.

Day 6-

Holy Saturday

Wake to the sound of the sea and spend your day indulging in the luxury of your villa, pamper yourself and relax in the most enchanting of settings. A couple of hours before midnight pick your favourite spot on the island, find the nearest church and attend the liturgy of the Resurrection. You are about to witness the miracle of lights as the entire island is shaken to the sound of fireworks. Don’t be frightened but beware!

Day 7-

Easter Sunday

The week of Passion has reached its final destination. On this beautiful day make sure to enjoy an authentic Easter meal, try the spit-roast lamb and take part at the egg cracking competition. All you have to do is break everyone else’s egg and keep yours intact. The winner is supposed to be the lucky one for the rest of the year.

Combining authenticity and tradition with luxury and sophistication Braunis Chorio Villas in Kefalonia offer the ideal retreat for your Easter Holidays in Kefalonia along with special Easter offers.

Braunis Chorio Villas in Kefalonia

Select the luxury Villa of your choice and pack your bags because your journey to the island of Kefalonia is about to begin. Let’s EasterScape to the Ionian Sea!

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